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9 Things You Need to Be Successful In Law School

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 Are you thinking about going to law school? It can be a nerve wracking decision but beneficial in the long run. What will you nee? What will you wear? A friend and myself compiled a list of various items that we think will be extremely helpful, motivating and overall impactful when beginning your first semester!
  1. A water bottle- You may be thinking really? But spending long hours in class, in the library or out and about should require you to keep yourself hydrated as much as possible. You want a sturdy water bottle that will keep your beverages cold or hot depending on your preference. Try to stick to easy liquids like water with fruit instead of energy drinks to keep you alert and not having a sugar crash later on.

  2. A Backpack – Keeping everything in one central location is key so make sure a study back pack is in order.  That being said, if a backpack isn’t for you, try a cute yet stylish bag to keep your laptop, notes, books and pens in! Anything to make it easier to carry everything from class to class is key.

  3. Legal Pads – I use legal pads constantly for notes at home, diagrams, outlining papers, practice essays… pretty much any time I need to jot something down real quick. I also love having legal pads come finals time because they are perfect for practicing essays and rewriting outlines/definitions/etc. Legal pads come in all shapes and sizes so choose the ones that are best fitting for you and your needs. Personally, I love the large legal pads that have the college rule so I can fit more notes in it.

  4. Desk Organizer – My desk always seems to be a mess during school, despite my best efforts. Having a desk organizer really helps to keep the mess to a minimum which in turn makes me more productive because a tidy work space is always the best workspace for me.

  5. Planner– I could not live without my planner for school! I write everything down- homework, meetings, to-do lists, grocery lists… it keeps me sane. I personally use a Plum Paper Planner and I am obsessed with! I love functional and pretty options to keep everything in one central location.


 Image: The Sellers Law Firm
  1. Mentor – When thinking about your future and the next few years learning all you can about law, you also want to make sure that you’re learning from the best. Think of a great mentor that you really have developed a strong relationship with. Someone who can help you answer questions, provide moral support and keep you on top of your studies. Jody Sellers of The Sellers Law Firm practices multiple areas of law specializing in family law and criminal defense (ranging from divorce, legitimation, adoption, deprivation, and custody cases to DUIs, misdemeanors, traffic citations, and major felonies), while also handling a range of other legal matters including drafting wills, personal injury cases, and administrative law cases.  Over the past several years Mr. Sellers has built a reputation for aggressive and strategic representation for his clients, while bringing compassion and understanding to each and every client’s case. If you’re thinking of someone who could help you feel like you can succeed, he’s one to be there for you every step of the way.

  2. Suit – Invest in at least on quality, well-fitted pant or skirt suit before starting law school. It is just something you need to have hanging in your closet for various interviews, events, and presentations throughout your first year of law school. Think of your basic colors like black, grey, or a neutral color for a more professional look.

  3. File Box–  I file all of my outlines, notecards, writing samples and financial information for school in addition to regular bills, records, etc. I file all that school stuff so that I can use them later for bar prep. I have a file cabinet but I know many people do not have room for a full file cabinet in their apartments. A file box does the same job in less space.

  4. Resume Paper– It may sound silly to some but having a resume on hand can be super handy! Having a large box of resume paper on hand is a great idea to avoid running to three stores the night before a job fair ( I know from personal experience! ) It may be a bit expensive to have but it’s necessary to complete your professional look to future employees.

What are some things you think are helpful when starting your first year at law school?


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    Julie Hood
    October 16, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    A friend of mine just started law school! I totally need to get her some of these things 🙂 Thanks for the ideas!

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