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How To Get Your Home Ready For Halloween

How to Get Your Home Ready for Halloween

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How is it already October! Halloween is just right around the corner and with complete strangers visiting your home, you want it to be as ready as can be! Do you want to be the cool house in neighborhood where all the kids love to come? What about the hostess with the mostess for hosting those fabulous themed parties? I’ve got you covered on how to make your home ready and anxiously awaiting all those visitors in the next few weeks!

  1. Candy– This may be a given but what child really loves going door to door and not getting candy at the front stoop? Pass out candy- and not just some that are leftover from last year. Make sure you have a variety of items for kids to choose, especially if they have a peanut allergy or a chocolate one. Having multiple items for kids to choose will make you and your home a must stop shop for all the kids to visit because you offer something for everyone!

  2. Candles – These candles can give off a creepy but fun vibe to them. If you want candles outside but want them to be safe, be sure to get cute fake candles to put on your porch. It’s inviting but also spooky for those visitors who are casually walking by! Find fun candles either with a scent or not to put out.

  3. Spider Webs– No not real spider webs of course! These are super easy, fun and simple to decorate the inside and outside of your home with. My favorite way to create these webs is getting cotton balls and pulling them apart. Once they seem to be stretched, place them over pictures, your bushes or your front door. It’s such a fun way to keep your house from being skipped with this decoration!

  4. Games like Apple bobbing– You will need: A bag of green apples, a few red apples, a blindfold, a basin of water.Fill a basin with water and several apples. Make sure that all of the apples in the basin are green, with one red. Allow the kids to take turns bobbing for the apples blindfolded and using only their mouths to pick them up. The aim of the game is to pick up the one red apple. Depending on how many kids are playing, you could try putting a time limit on the game, and offering a prize to the winner.


Image: Premier Surfaces

  1. Add Decor To Your Counters – When having people over, a simple way to add decor to my counter tops is by grabbing some candy corn and placing them in glass bowls not only for friends to munch on but also for a fun orange, black and white color! It’s such an easy way to get festive for Halloween and takes no time to put together. Speaking of no time, Premier Surfaces offers great help when thinking of your counter tops with a variety to choose from like limestone, granite or marble! Their customer service is second to none and everyone is certified and trained to help keep things running smoothly. When thinking of the upcoming holidays, your counters need to withstand anything and everything that comes their way; Premier Surfaces is your go to for all your updating and decorating needs!

  2. Add A Themed Rug – These rugs can be placed in the home or outside. Having a cute on the front porch that says “Happy Halloween” is inviting for kids to come too. Enjoy a few themed pumpkin rugs or colorful orange or black ones for guests that may be visiting during the holiday. Whatever your choosing, make it spooky or spectacular!

  3. Pumpkins- No Halloween is complete without a few cute pumpkins again adding either inside or outside your home. They can be real ones that you and your family carve every year, or silly playful ones that greet guest as they walk into your foyer. Some of my favorites are some I’ve found at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s! They offer a variety of choices, sizes and great deals so make sure to stop by and grab some!

How do you get your home ready for Halloween?


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