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23 Week Update for Baby #3!

Hey y’all!

I can’t believe it, but we are already MORE than halfway done cooking Baby #3!! I’m 23 weeks this week, and because I will be delivering him at 37 weeks (or earlier), our countdown is quickly whittling away!

I feel so bad (and this is so third-child of me!) but I haven’t posted any updates this time around on the blog! It’s been so hectic with back-to-school that I have honestly just been trying to keep my head above water. Heck, we haven’t even announced the gender yet!!

This pregnancy is seriously just flying by. I’m already doing a little nesting, pulling out clothes from the basement (see what I did there? You still don’t know the gender since we have clothes for both in the basement :P) and taking stock of what we have/need. We surprisingly had about 5 boxes of different sized diapers left over from both kids, so that was a nice surprise! We will also be moving Tino into a Big Boy room to move the baby into the nursery, so we are starting to plan for that and get that ball rolling. I bought bedding for the nursery (LOVE the theme and can’t wait to share it!!) and Cars bedding for Tino’s room (he is absolutely obsessed with Cars).

Here are the most recent pictures I have:

22 weeks

16 Weeks

So, let’s take a look at the pregnancy stats this time around!

23 Week Bump Date! 
How far along: 23 weeks
Gender: It’s a… BOY! His name will be Andres Mateo
Weight gain: 15 pounds
Maternity clothes: Mostly maternity but still able to wear a few non-maternity shirts and skirts
Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out: In, but flat, like it could pop any time.
Sleep:Not so great, but mostly from a crowded bed and less from the baby.
Best moment this week: Lots of movement! Love it!
Miss anything: Sushi! I saw it at Publix and was drooling. And I’m sure I’ll be missing cocktails on our babymoon this weekend.
Movement:Definitely getting more active!
Cravings: Queso, Chinese food
Rings on or off: On, but getting stuck as my fingers fatten up
Queasy or sick: Nope!
Looking forward to: These last few weeks flying by and making the baby’s nursery!
We also have an update on the Cholestasis, which is the condition I get during pregnancy with all my babies, but I’m planning to write a full blog post about that, so stay tuned!
Hopefully I’ll update you all again before the baby is born 😛




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