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5 Tips to selecting a funny birthday card for a friend who is turning 40

5 Tips to selecting a funny birthday card for a friend who is turning 40


When you get above 35, having a birthday is no longer as fun as it once was. There are some negative feelings associated with aging and the closer one gets to 40, the more your friends and family will begin to joke with you about how old you are. Turning 40 however, is a great thing as you are not yet 50! If you want to celebrate your friend or loved one by gifting them with a great gift, be sure to include a thoughtful card as well. 40th birthday cards can be tough to pick out which is why we have some tips for you. If you are specifically looking for a card that is funny but not offensive, here are some thoughts to keep in mind when making your selection.


  • Silly but not offensive. While it may seem like a silly idea to purchase a card with a scantily clad woman or man on the front of it to give to the recipient, this is not the best idea. There are sayings in the card that can be funny, however they could also be taken the wrong way by either the recipient or other party goer’s. Instead of being the brunt of a joke gone bad, just avoid potentially offensive cards all together.



  • Select the card based on your relationship with the person. This is important as it can save you a great deal of embarrassment if you select a card for a person you do not know that well, however the card implies that you do. Some cards can be very personal and the same goes with jokes. When giving a person a card that makes fun of their age, it is best if you know the person well so that they do not take offense. If you gave your boss a card that played on their age, it may not be funny to them like it would be if you gave the same card to your coworker.



  • Avoid selecting a card that the recipient cannot relate to. Be careful when selecting a card that has a specific message. For example, if you are purchasing a birthday card and there is a joke in the card about children, you will want to give it to someone who is a parent. Otherwise, the recipient will not understand the joke and will be confused as to why you gave them that type of card.



  • Try to get a card that matches the recipient’s personality. Unless you want the birthday person to be thoroughly confused, make sure that they will understand the card that you select. For example, if the recipient is not a fan of Star Wars, try to avoid getting a card that makes light of a character or situation in one of the movies. While it may be funny to you, it could be confusing to the recipient. Instead, think about what the recipient likes and try to find a card that is suitable.

Age appropriate. If you know the recipient loves cartoons, it may be okay to get them a birthday card that represents their favorite character. However, whenever possible, try to get a card that is age appropriate. You would not want to purchase a card for your friend from the baby section for their 40th. No matter how much the person loves the character on the front of the card, they may find it odd that you purchased a card from the baby section for them. If you are unable to find a card that you think is appropriate, you may want to check another store. If this is not a good option for you, consider having a custom photo card printed that is more age appropriate and something the recipient would enjoy.




Disclaimer: I was compensated for posting this article.


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