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Building an Early Love of Writing in Little Ones

Hey y’all!

My little Anissa-bear is only 3, but man, this girl is giving me a run for my money already! This kid is brainy, funny, quirky, and challenging. She’s smart as a whip and although she doesn’t go to school yet (can I get a hallelujah for Mimi watching her+3 others all day!), she already knows her colors, ABCs, shapes, and can count to 20, all in English and Spanish.

As a teacher, I know how important it is to foster her love of education without pushing her to “practice” things like writing her letters out or singing her ABCs. We want it to feel like fun, and for it to be something she looks forward to, not like a chore. Because of that, I’ve compiled 3 fun ways to help Anissa practice her letters that won’t make her feel like she’s doing work, and instead have her begging to play school!

1. Sprinkle Letters

I fell in love with this adorable idea from Modern Preschool after one of my friends tagged me in it on Facebook. She just knew Anissa would love it, because, sprinkles, duh!! It’s a super easy sensory activity that any kid will love. All you have to do is spread sprinkles in a tray, give your little one a paintbrush and flash cards, and have them trace each letter. So easy, and it will help them learn each stroke and how to correctly form each letter.

2. PlayDough!

Now, I must be honest, Anissa completely came up with this one on her own! She loves playing with PlayDough and getting creative, and one day, she brought me this “L” and said, “Look Mami! I made a letter!” She couldn’t tell me which letter it was, but she recognized it as a letter, so it was the perfect opportunity to teach her about L, the sounds it makes, and the words that start with L! We try to make a few letters each time she pulls out her stash of PlayDough now (before Baby Tino can eat it, of course! ;))’

3. Personalized Writing and Activity Book from Spark & Spark

Personalized Writing and Activity Book from Spark & Spark

Ok, this one is the Holy Grail of writing practice. The cream of the crop, the best of the best. Basically, this is a personalized 50-page book for girls ages 4-6 (but, like I said, Anissa is 3 and still loves it!) It has over 50 pages of practice and durable covers, so at $26, it’s an educational and fun steal.

Personalized Writing and Activity Book from Spark & Spark

The book is made by Spark & Spark, which also has TONS of other cute educational items on their website, like journals and placemats, and even items for a child’s room, like growth charts to duvet covers. One of Anissa’s favorite things about the book was just how personalized it was. She can recognize her name, so seeing it throughout the book and on the cover was a big deal, and she loved that the little girl on the cover looked like her (you can also choose hair color and style!)

3 Activities to Practice Letters with Pre-schoolers


The book features your child’s name throughout, providing pages for them to trace each letter of the alphabet, numbers 1-9, and even tips on telling time! I love this little book because it makes Anissa excited to learn and pretend like she’s at school, and you have no idea how happy that makes this teacher mama! Since she won’t have gone to school before she starts Pre-K next year, this book will be so helpful for a successful Pre-K transition.

Personalized Writing and Activity Book from Spark & Spark

Personalized Writing and Activity Book from Spark & Spark

I love that we have found 3 fun, easy ways to keep Anissa practicing her letters daily before she even begins Pre-K. The look of accomplishment and pride on her face when she’s done something for the first time is like no other, and I can’t wait to see her continue to succeed. 🙂




Disclaimer: I received this Personalized Writing Book and was compensated by Spark & Spark in exchange for my honest review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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