Our Last Hoorah!

Hey y’all!

We are heading out on our last big family adventure this summer- to Texas! Texas is my birthplace, so any chance I can get to come home, I jump on it!

First, we’ll be heading to a resort in San Antonio for a few days of relaxation by the (two) pool(s) and a lazy river Monday- Thursday. Mr. R is joining us Wednesday night, and then Friday, we’ll drive down to Houston to spend the weekend with family (the best part!)


Funny story: I was supposed to just come down with Anissa and my family, and leave Tino with Mr. R, then have them both fly down to join us, but about an hour before we left I decided I just couldn’t do it. I’ve never been away from my Tini Boy for more than a night and couldn’t bear the thought of three nights apart. It broke my heart for him, mostly, because he is a very sweet, loving, handsy, attached baby, and I envisioned him losing his mind and thinking I’d abandoned him. So, I got real crazy and decided to bring both of them with me! So poor Mr. R has three days to himself now, and I know he’s lonely, too L Can’t wait for him to join us later this week!

Some things I’m excited for this week:

  • Seeing one of my lifelong best friends, Catey! She lives in San Antonio, so I’m excited to spend some time with her! It’s been forever since she has seen Anissa, and the only time she’s met Tino was at her wedding when he was 8 weeks old! He’s (obviously) a totally different kid now and I’m so glad she will get to see him.
  • Swimming!! These little water babies jump at any chance to get in a pool, so this many days with this many options is going to be heaven for them!
  • Shipley’s, La Mexicana, and Whataburger- my favorite Texas foods that I miss so much! We seriously plan in advance when coming to Texas because we hardly ever get to eat these foods so we cherish every bite.
  • Of course, seeing family! I moved away from Houston 11 years ago, and really only get to go back about once or twice a year now. Especially with kids, and because Anissa is not free on planes any more, it’s becoming more infrequent to be able to come visit. Luckily, we have family and friends visit fairly frequently, but I’m beyond excited to see my cousins, aunts, and uncles that I haven’t seen since last summer!

So, excuse yet another hiatus this week while we are out enjoying fun in the sun and family time! I promise to be back soon!





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