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Surprise!! Baby #3 Is On The Way!

Hey y’all!

For those of you who aren’t following us on Facebook or Instagram yet (which you should be, ahem), you may not have seen our fun news yesterday! We are so excited to announce that Baby R #3 is on the way, set to arrive in Dec./Jan. 2018! We honestly couldn’t be more thrilled!

We announced our news via a video on YouTube, so without further ado, our pregnancy announcement:

Pretty stinking hilarious, right? I can’t stop watching it and laughing, honestly. Now, a little backstory on this little gem. First of all, NO, Anissa is not really that mean or bossy to Tino. In fact, she had a wonderful time making the video and thought it was hilarious, but once she saw the final product after Mr. R edited it, adding in the dramatic music and turning the Tino drama scene black and white, she was bawling her eyes out, asking why she was being so mean to Tino and convincing us that she really is a good sharer. It’s pretty funny, actually.

We (ok, Mr. R, let’s be honest) got the idea to make this video after racking our brains for ideas to announce the latest little one. We attempted to take some pictures while we were at Disney World last week, but we just couldn’t get the kids to cooperate the way we wanted them to. Here’s the best we could get, below. Although they were super cute, we knew we wanted to do something bigger and funnier!

Anissa has always been a little actress. She can’t make it through about an hour without telling us our roles and having us play out scenes of shows or movies. In fact, right now, I’m Elena of Avalor, Tino is Mateo, and she is Isabel, and I have to address them as such or I’ll get a stern talking to (ha!) So, we thought we might be able to put her acting to good use and get a few lines out of her, but never imagined she’d be so professional already! Lol. The kid is a natural ham, and I just love the way the video turned out.*

Anyway, we are 12 weeks along and expecting our little bundle in January. The due date is technically January 9, however because I have had Cholestasis with both of my other pregnancies and have to deliver at 37 weeks, that’s the plan again this time, so we are actually looking at Dec. 19 for the big day! And, amazingly enough, Mr. R’s twin brother and his wife are also expecting a baby in early December, and we can’t wait for these “twin cousins” to be so close, just like the three girls are! And for those of you keeping count, that means Rodriguez cousins #8 and 9! Woo hoo!!

We can’t wait to share more about this pregnancy soon and hope y’all will follow along, yet again, as our crazy family continues to grow!


*No Tino’s were harmed (seriously) in the making of this video 😛


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