Family Letters To My Little Ones

Letters To My Little Ones: #11 Last Night Was Really Tough

Letters To My Little Ones: #11 Today Was Really Tough

Hi babies,

Last night was tough. Really tough. Like, you made me scream and there were timeouts and pops in the mouth and the butt and the hand and almost everyone cried, tough. It was bad. Let me set the scene for you while it’s fresh in my mind, in case you read back in 15 years thinking you were angels. HA.

We’re on vacation, at the beach, for two weeks. We’ve just decided to surprise y’all with a trip to Disney World for two days at the end of this trip, because, ya know, anything for you guys. Seriously. We’re obsessed with you. Did you not see Letter #9 orĀ Letter #10?

The Backstory

So, we’re having a great time. Honestly, the best time. But for some reason, it all just came to a head last night. Anissa, you didn’t nap all day yesterday, so by about 7 p.m. I knew it would be a rough but hopefully early night for you. We ate dinner and then needed to go to the store for a few things, but I thought we could make it. But instead, you ran at the store. You ran, and ran, and had me, and Nana, and Papi, and Tito all chasing you. You dodged us, aisle for aisle, until finally Nana caught you and gave you a good stern talking to. You cried and cried.

Then we left, and for some reason (because we are on vacation and want to indulge) decided to stop for ice cream. Cool, right? You told me your flavor choice (orange and vanilla sherbet swirl) and we agreed (wait- does any toddler truly know what they are agreeing to?) to share since we wanted the same flavor. I ordered a large, because Adult Logic says that a large can easily be split in two and we’ll each get the same amount as if we got two smalls, but we’ll save money, right? But when we got the big ice cream and sat down, and I began to split the ice cream, you LOST. YOUR. EVER. LOVING. MIND. In the middle of the ice cream shop. Actually, you threw the spoon with ice cream on it on my face. And then I proceeded to loose my ever loving mind.

Then, we got home and no one wanted to go to bed, because, why would you at 10 p.m.?! I mean, are we crazy or what!? You cried over your pjs, who you wanted to put you to bed, that you couldn’t have gum before bed, etc.

And then it was all ok

But guess what? Then you both fell asleep, and a peace flooded the room. And I thought back to all the good moments of the day. To us asking you if you liked the beach or our house better, and you answering “Disney World!” not even 30 minutes after booking the surprise trip for you. Or to you wanting to play a prank on Papi. And to both of you randomly hugging each other throughout the day. And to how much I love it when you are needy, but only for me, Tino. And I imagine your sugary faces as we ate donuts and ice cream (post-meltdown). And I think back to your sweet eyelashes fluttering as you floated off to sleep, beyond worn out from the day.

Because at the end of the day, you guys are babies, and I don’t give you enough credit for that. You are both so smart and so sweet and so perfect to me, that I expect the world from you, and that’s not fair. I look back at those sweet angelic faces, resting now so calmly, and realize that as tough as the day may be, you guys are and always will be the biggest joys in my life. So I treasure all the days and nights, even the really tough ones.

I love you, guys.

Love, Mami



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