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Rise of the Queen of Cooking + {Recipe!}

Hey guys!

Now that I’m home for the summer, we are in full binge mode! I feel like, as teachers, we work our hineys off 10x more than any desk job for 9 months out of the year, so I deserve to relax a little ūüėČ

That being said, I always love to choose a show (or a few) to binge watch during the summer months. Netflix is perfect for that because you don’t have to worry about catching the episodes as they come on, and instead, you can binge them as you please (aka during nap time!)

First up this summer: #Queen of the South!

#Queen of the South on USA Network

Phew- that was fun!! It only took me three naptimes and a breakfast party to make it through all 13 episodes Season 1, and now I am waiting with bated breath for Season 2! While Season 1 is all about introductions and showing us how Teresa Mendoza, the main character, tries to survive (read: being a total BA) Season 2 will shift to showcase her growth and rise in the cartel underworld. As she learns what it takes to become the Queenpin, she will also start realizing the heavy price that comes with the glory. By the end of the season, viewers will come to realize that there can only be one queen; will it be Teresa, or her mentor/foe Camila Vargas?
For those of you that haven’t see the show, here’s a Season 1 recap (SPOILERS, though!)

Rise of the #Queen of Cooking

In order to fully binge watch in style, Mr. R and I decided to #slay in the kitchen with a pancake¬†binge-watching breakfast party this morning- because, why not? Over the past few years, I have risen to become the #Queenof Cooking, maybe not by everyone’s standards, but definitely compared to where I came from! Just as Teresa started out trading money on the streets of Mexico, I too, come from humble beginnings of instant Mac’n’cheese in the microwave in college. Maybe I don’t wield a gun or swallow drugs to get them past TSA, but I sure can shoot out breakfast¬†like nobody’s business! Ever since heading out on my own in college, I’ve had to slowly work my way up and overcome barriers, but my grit and sheer determination to survive the breakfast wars with my kids have helped me rise to Queenpin in the kitchen!
Like I said, in college, I lived in a small dorm with a “kitchenette”, had meals prepared at my sorority house, and generally just didn’t know how to cook. If that’s not starting at the bottom, I don’t know what is! After finishing college and moving into my own apartment, I finally had to begin learning to cook for myself, but still, it was very basic things (easy stir-frys, eggs, pasta). Through my relationship/marriage with Mr. R (a chef compared to most people), I have learned to get more creative in the kitchen, spice up whatever I’m making, and definitely have expanded my horizons. We’ve also taken a few cooking classes, which are not only so much fun, but also really have helped me grow into my role as #Queen of Cooking!
#Queen of the South on USA Network

So back to our Pancake Binge Party (because pancakes are probably my favorite thing to whip up in the kitchen!) Some of our past favorite pancake recipes include:

In honor of Teresa and Queen of the South, we decided to share a recipe for the Strawberry Coconut #Slay Pancakes, so check it out below!

Strawberry Coconut Pancake recipe from The Accidental Mrs.


  • Pancake mix
  • Sliced strawberries
  • Shaved coconut
  • Strawberry jam
  • Maple syrup

Strawberry #Slay Pancakes


  • Slice strawberries
  • Mix pancake mix, adding 1/3 c. shaved coconut, cinnamon to taste, and 2 diced strawberries
  • Cook pancakes on medium heat on a cast iron skillet
  • Stack pancakes with sliced strawberries in between each one
  • For glaze:
    • Mix 3 tbsp. strawberry preserves
    • Add 1/2 c. maple syrup
    • Add 1/4 c. shaved coconut
    • Mix in skillet over medium heat until soft boil

#Queen of the South on USA Network inspired these Strawberry #Slay Pancakes

Interested in checking out Queen of the South? Season 1 is on Netflix, so you are in luck! Binge watch it as soon as possible to prepare for the anticipated premiere of Season 2 on June 8th at 10/9c.




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