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Letters to My Little Ones: #10 I Think I’m Obsessed With You

Hi my sweet babies,

This letter is not meant to scare you, but I think I’m obsessed with you. I don’t know how else to describe it, because I’m pretty sure these feelings I have swirling around my head and heart are the exact signs of obsession. I want to be with you guys all.the.time. Like, every second of the day. I enjoy when you nap, but I’d rather be cuddled up next to you than being productive. I love the way you two play together; I could literally watch it all day. I have millions of pictures of you guys, and I want the whole world to see them. I think everyone’s kids are cute, but secretly know you’re the cutest 😉

Is this weird? Is it ok to love someone so much you literally just have the urge to squeeze them till they pop? Is it ok to want to bite a chubby cheek every time a smile creeps up? Am I crazy? Will you leaving for college be 10x harder than usual for me?

Nah, because I’m pretty sure every other parent in the world feels these exact same emotions. I’m pretty sure we all want to hold on tight and never let go. I know we all know our kids are the cutest in the room. We all feel that sense of longing to hold on tight and grab every picture and snuggle while we can. We all know that it’s going to go fast, and when we blink, those tiny, chubby little hands will be grabbing the steering wheel and waving in the rearview window. Us parents know this baby phase can’t possibly last forever, so we better be soaking it up while we can.

So yes, I’m obsessed with you. And I’ll keep snapping those pictures, catching cute moments on video, sharing you with everyone, and finding ways to hold on to these memories forever. Because while I’ll probably always be obsessed with you two, one day your need for me will lessen, you won’t cry for me at night, you’ll want to hold your significant other’s hand instead of mine, and these fleeting childhood memories will be just that. Memories.

I love you two more than you could ever know.




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