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Letters To My Little Ones: #9 Just To See You Smile

Hi Babies,

As a mama, it’s my job to keep you fed, healthy, and alive. Sounds easy enough, right?

But for me, and most mamas, it’s not just about that. You see, your smiles literally fill my heart with more joy than I ever thought possible. I would do almost anything, just to see you smile.

Letters to my little ones
This post was triggered by your 3rd birthday party, Anissa. You see, you are and always have been one of the most grateful kids I have ever met. You are constantly thanking us for stuff, hugging us, and smiling, all the time. So when it came time for your birthday party, we pulled out all the stops. We went above and beyond to make sure we had all your favorite things there and made sure you’d have the time of your life. We did everything just to see you smile. And it worked. BOY, did it work. You were literally glowing the entire time.

And my feet hurt, and we are still sleep deprived, and our pockets are hurting bad, but my goodness, it was worth it.

There was one point in the day, when it was just me and you, and you said to me, “Thank you mama, I love my birthday party! Everything is so perfect!” I’m sure you were just mimicking what you’ve heard us say, but the tears welled up because you sounded so genuinely happy. And that right there, made it all worth it.

A little later in the day, while we were singing you Happy Birthday, you were all smiles. As soon as you blew out your candles, you turned around and gave me the biggest hug, and a chorus of “awwwws” could probably be heard a mile away. And it was instantly all worth it. Because it made you happy.

You see, everything I do, for both of you, is with your happiness and well-being in mind. I would do just about anything to see those cheesy, goofy, ear-to-ear smiles. And I know your Papi would, too. Seeing you smile just does something funky to my heart. It hurts, but in a good way, so much that it takes my breath away. Bet ya didn’t know you had that effect on us, did ya?

I love you both so much, and I’ll continue going to the ends of the earth, just to see you smile.




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