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6 Unique Baby Shower Gift Guide Ideas + GIVEAWAY!

Hey y’all!

Experiencing a baby shower as a new mom (twice) has been a lot of fun! People come to your party, tell you how great you look, and all want to touch your belly. They ask all sorts of questions, play games focused on you, and shower you with sweet gifts. All confidence boosters every preggo needs at 32+ weeks 😉

As much as I love the baby registry (who doesn’t want to walk around scanning everything they want at Target?!) I’ve always been one to try and get unique, outside-the-box gifts. Now, whether it’s a cute outfit or something I just know every new mom needs, based on my own experiences, may vary, but after two kids, I definitely have some neat picks in mind that many scanner-happy moms-to-be at BuyBuyBaby may not yet know about. Which brings us to today’s post- 6 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas!

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas from The Accidental Mrs.

Stick around till the end, because I’m giving away many of these amazing gifts to one lucky mama-to-be!

Nursing Cover

  • Covered Goods: A good nursing cover is something that most new moms will need. As you navigate the uncharted waters of breastfeeding in public, you’ll want something that’s not just going to fall off, like a muslin blanket would. In walks Covered Goods, which is a nursing cover but oh-s0-much more, as well! Your nursing cover will also double as a carseat cover and triple as a cart cover for trips to the grocery store. Oh wait, and it quadruples as an infinity scarf to keep mama stylish as well! At only $34.99, this 4-in-one gift is sure to get tons of ooohs and aaahs at present time!

Pump Accessories

  • Pump2Nurse Wet/Dry Bag: Any pumping mama (especially one that works) is going to be needing some pumping accessories. This Pump2Nurse Wet/Dry bag will be so helpful in keeping all pump parts clean. It has two sections, so you can keep your clean and dirty parts separate, and it also has two washable breast pads and a mat. So how does it work? You can keep the dirty parts in the bag and refrigerate them after each pump, eliminating the need to wash them each time. Just wipe them dry after each use and the bag keeps them sterile until the next pump! I wish I would have had this when I was pumping!

Pump2Nurse Wet/Dry Bag: Baby Shower Gift Idea

  • Nuk Freemie Collection Cups: These pump collection cups would be a perfect gift for a second or third time mama that you know is going to be pumping, because with a first-time mom, it’s sort of a gamble. But once you do commit to pumping, you’ll want it to be as smooth and easy as possible, and BOY do these Freemie Collection Cups make it easy!!! Hook them up to your pump (although you may need a conversion kit, depending on your pump) and these cups sit inside your bra for a hands-free, discreet pumping session! Since I’m a teacher, pumping at work in my classroom was always a gamble (I’ve had people unlock my door and walk in on me mid-pump, even with a DO NOT ENTER sign taped over the door knob!) so having something discreet would have been lovely 😉

Nuk Simply Natural Freemie Collection Cups


  • Nuk Simply Natural Newborn Gift Set: Anyone with a baby knows what a fickle thing choosing the right bottle can be. Between nipple size and flow, the handles of the bottle, the shape, and more, it’s hard to find a good bottle. We are loving the Nuk Simply Natural collection, and especially the Newborn Gift Set, which includes (2) 9 oz. bottles, (2) 5 oz. bottles, and 2 pacifiers. At only $27.99, it’s a perfect starter set for new moms and definitely a great baby shower gift!

Nuk Simply Natural Collection: Baby Shower Gift Idea

Nuk Simply Natural Collection

Nuk Simply Natural Collection

Diapers and Wipes

  •  This may seem like a rather traditional gift, but if you know New Mom’s diapering plans, this can become more fun! Cloth diapers are adorable, if that’s what she wants (don’t spring this on someone who has never mentioned it before!) You can also check out Honest Baby Diapers, which have super cute styles and are very ec0-friendly.
    • Waterpura Wipes: This is the only chemical-free, American-made baby wipe brand in the world! They are made with 99.9% water and 0.01% orange extract, making them smell fresh but keeping them checmical free for your precious newborn’s bottom. Though they are made specifically for newborns, they are great for kids of all ages!

Waterpura Wipes: Baby Shower Gift Idea

Diaper Bag

  • Posh Play Clutch: Diaper bags are awesome, and backpack diaper bags are my favorite. You can throw everything and the kitchen sink in them! But when you are heading out solo, or you have older kids, you don’t really have a need for so much stuff, or such a big bag. On those days, I love using my Posh Play Diaper Clutch and Changing Mat, which is a stylish clutch with a changing mat inside, and just enough room for a few diapers and a small pack of wipes. Since Anissa is potty trained now, if we are heading out for a short time, this is perfect to stash a few diapers for Tino. It also is so pretty, I may or may not use it as a clutch even when I’m not with the little ones 😉 It’s only $49, so it’s a luxury gift on a reasonable budget, and your new mama will thank you for helping her still feel like a stylish lady, even when she’s packing diapers!

Posh Play Mat: Baby Shower Gift Idea
Posh Play Clutch: Baby Shower Gift Idea

Posh Play Clutch: Baby Shower Gift Idea

Posh Play Clutch: Baby Shower Idea
Of course, there are so many other fun baby shower gifts you could give that will WOW new mamas! Some additional ideas (with my favorite brands in each category):


And now the best part- the giveaway! Each of these brands* are giving away one product to be included in a gift pack! Woo hoo! See below for the giveaway pack

The Accidental Mrs. Baby Shower Gift Guide

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Patterns/styles may vary. Covered Goods will be providing a coupon code for a free cover.




Disclaimer: I received free product in exchange for my open and honest opinion, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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