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Why We Love Toddler Gymnastics

Hey y’all!

Since Anissa turned 2, we’ve been taking her to Mommy and Me Toddler Gymnastics classes at Gym Works Suwanee. We started on a Groupon, where she’d get 5 classes to try, but after the first, we knew she was hooked. You see, we had tried ballet, which was a flop, as we knew she was way to energetic for that mess. So when we saw that she could run around, flip, and have fun, we knew we’d be doing this for a while.

Why We Love Toddler Gymnastics

After her Groupon ended, we decided to enroll her. So now, she goes every Saturday morning for 45 minutes and has just recently begun the 3’s class, which is not mommy and me and she is independent! So exciting.

Why We Love Toddler Gymnastics

Why We Love Toddler Gymnastics

Here’s why we love toddler gymnastics:

  1. She’s learning to follow directions from an adult: Because she doesn’t go to daycare, this is her first experience with a teacher. Gymnastics has really helped her learn to follow directions from someone other than us, which I love!
  2. She’s getting to meet new friends! Anissa has tons of cousins and family members that she hangs out with all the time, but we don’t really do playdates or anything to meet friends. Now she has a couple little girls that she knows in the class, which is a lot of fun!
  3. She’s learning focus and patience. Although gymnastics is a lot of running around and playing, it also requires waiting in lines for her turn, practicing patience as other kids go, and focus on what her task is.
  4. It wears her OUT! We can always count on a good long nap after gymnastics 😉
  5. She is becoming more flexible. Not that kids aren’t already super bendy, but she stretches and can do a lot more than I could at that age!
  6. She’s learning to be more independent. She is constantly running around the house showing me things she can do, including flips and handstands EVERYWHERE.
  7. It’s one of the earliest start sports you can enroll your kid in. Swim lessons are probably the only earlier one, which we started for her at 6 months. We tried mommy and me ballet at 2 which SUCKED (they totally didn’t have the patience or focus for it) but this Mommy and Me class for gymnastics starts at 18 months. In fact, we are going to enroll Tino in a few months!

Why We Love Toddler Gymnastics

Parents with kids in toddler gymnastics, what do you think of it? Why do you love it?




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