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Letters to My Little Ones: #6 Your Laughter Keeps Me Going

Dear Babies,

Do you know how funny you are? I mean, the genuine look of sparkling, unabashed joy in your eyes when you both laugh is infectious, healing, and uplifting. I don’t know what’s been in the water lately, or if you guys are just at such a fun age, but you two seem to keep each other (and us) in stitches constantly… and I can’t get enough of it!

Letter to My Little Ones: #6 Your Laughter Keeps Me Going

Your favorite thing (both of you) is to get Mami Tickles! You run to the bed, both plop down, and pull up your shirts because you know, inevitably, raspberries will be blown, feet will be tickled, and you’ll both be rolling, crawling away and then back again, laughing, and screeching… and we’ll all be loving it.

Tino, you have the funniest little screech/scream/laugh right now, and it’s just killing me. You spend 90% of your day laughing at something, and usually making us laugh, too! Anissa, you love making “your baby boy” giggle and giggle, which makes you laugh more.

Look at this hilarious video of Tino making himself laugh. I mean, I just can’t with the cuteness!!

The cutest little jerk I’ve ever seen. Thinks it’s funny to make Mama clean him up. ##babytino #celestinojr #14monthsold #messybaby

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And Anissa, you look so sweet and innocent in this picture, but do you remember that 5 seconds before this you were tackling me and making me laugh so hard neither of us could breathe? Y’all are hilarious, fun, sweet, and always looking for fun. I love this age. Having two toddlers is way more awesome and less scary than I had imagined. It’s perfect. You two are perfect. And your laughter keeps me going. Even when the going gets tough and we seem to be having one rough day after another, your laughter and seeing your smiles can always keep me going.

Letter to My Little Ones: #6 Your Laughter Keeps Me Going

Let’s never stop laughing. I love you, my babies.




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    March 28, 2017 at 12:48 pm

    love your letter I am sure your life with your children is absolutely a ball. I love how you recorded your memories for them so that when they are older they will be able to understand and remember what was happening
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