Keep your floors sparkling with the Spin Mop from Green Direct!

Spin Mop from Green Direct

Hey y’all!

As we get settled into our new house, we’ve noticed a few “quirks” about the house- like the fact that we have a GIANT 15 x 20 foot space between our island and the back of the sofa. For the first few weeks, we couldn’t figure out what to use it for- a dance floor? A baseball field? Kidding, but seriously, this awkward area is huge and we were at a loss.

We’ve finally grown to love it, but it’s still poses a problem- it’s a huge area of nothing but hardwood, which means it’s VERY visible to anyone that comes over to visit, and therefore needs to always stay cleaned. It’s also the main pathway from the front door to the rest of the house, so it sees a lot of foot traffic. Being that we have gorgeous, brand new hard woods, keeping this area, and the entire middle floor (all hardwoods) clean has been tricky. We want to mop it and make it shine, but we also need something that’s going to be gentle and not scratch the wood.

Spin Mop from Green Direct

Luckily, we recently found the Spin Mop from Green Direct, a premium quality spin mop and bucket set that easily removes excess water from the mop head for effortless, hands-free wringing, every time.Whether you want to clean up big messes in offices and industrial settings or simply your kids’ messes, this complete spin mop and bucket system is your answered prayer for sparkling clean floors! It works great on hardwood, laminate, tile, ceramic tile, marble, linoleum, vinyl, stone, granite, glass or even concrete floors.

So, how does it work? It’s really simple, actually.

    • Step 1: Fill bucket with warm water
    • Step 2: Add soap. We used Murphy Oil Soap and it smelled great and left the floors super shiny
    • Step 3: Put the mop in the water
    • Step 4: Wring it in the spinner
    • Step 5: Mop desired area
    • Step 6: Rinse, spin, repeat
    • Step 6: Pour out dirty water into sink/bathtub. Bonus: there’s a super easy button to push and spout at the bottom to easily drain the water!

This Spin Mop comes as a great set, and includes 1 extra long, extendable handle, 2 microfiber mop heads, 1 premium quality Chenille mop head for window washing, and 1 scrub cleaning brush for those super stubborn stains. For only $39.95, all of that was a steal. This was honestly the best mopping experience I think I’ve ever had! I thought I would be annoyed having to pull around the bucket, but it has a handle and wheels, so taking it around was a breeze!Spin Mop from Green Direct

Spin Mop from Green Direct
Seriously, if you are looking for a great, easy way to keep your floors sparkling, check out the Spin Mop from Green Direct. It’s MAGIC!



Disclosure: I was compensated in exchange for my open and honest review of the Spin Mop, however all opinions are my own.


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