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Room Reveal: Tino’s Baseball Themed Nursery!

Hey ya’ll,

I’m so excited to finally be sharing the house room-by-room. Ya’ll- putting together a new house is no joke- this has been a serious labor of love! Of course, we can only get bits and pieces done at a time (shout out to naptime for letting me finally get this room decorated!) so it’s also been a nice lesson in patience, because I am totally a “I want to snap my fingers and it be done” sort of gal.

So, this little beauty is the nursery. Now, I say it’s the nursery vs. Tino’s room because the plan (more than likely) will be to keep it as a nursery when/if we have another baby, and give Tino a “Big Boy Room” in the guest room that is adjoined to this room (you can see the Jack and Jill bathroom between the two in the second picture). I want to do this mainly because the nursery door opens up right in front of ours, making it super simple to run in there for a crying baby. Lord knows we love crying babies around here 😉

Welcome to The Nursery/Tino’s Room 🙂

We decided to keep with the baseball theme we had at our old house because we loved his old nursery so much, and weren’t about to part with the details. Most of the decor actually came from my Baseball Themed Baby Shower, including the name banner my mom made me, and the Hey Batter Batter sign that my sister-in-law bought us!

Baseball Themed Nursery from The Accidental Mrs.

Baseball Themed Nursery from The Accidental Mrs.

The tent was actually a Christmas present for both kids, but ended up taking up too much space in the playroom, so lucky Tino got to keep it in his room! You can find it here on sale for only $30! I love the way it ties in the wall color with the decor. In the old house, the nursery walls were a caramel color, which I thought went really well with the vintage baseball theme, so I was nervous about how grey walls would look in the new house- but I love it! We also have a few different fitted sheets that we swap out, but here’s my favorite (in the Blue Overalls color).

Baseball Themed Nursery from The Accidental Mrs.

Of course, our old faithful rocker had to come with us. WHAT would I do without it?! And my amazing friend, Ashlyn, (p.s. check out her new blog Right Meow Or Never!) gave us the “You’re Killing Me Smalls” sign, which is probably my favorite part of the nursery! Again, the coke bottles that say Mom and Dad, as well as the baseball picture frame, were details from our shower that we got to keep. P.S.- what is better that buying real items that double as gifts for baby shower decor? I might have to do a whole blog post on that…

Baseball Themed Nursery from The Accidental Mrs.

Here are some more close-ups of some of the details. The elephant mama and baby shelf was actually something we bought for Anissa and kept it in the nursery. I just love all of the little touches that make it perfect for my boy 🙂 And of course, Target was my go-to for most of the little stuff that wasn’t given to us!Baseball Themed Nursery from The Accidental Mrs.

Thanks for letting me share another room of our house with you!




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