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New Year, New Me? We’ll See…

Hey everyone,

So, it’s that fateful time once a year when we all make crazy resolutions we never intend to keep. But, I decided to make some goals instead that are actually do-able and that will hopefully help me stay more focused on what I want to accomplish this year. AND, I wrote them down! Because seeing something posted on the wall will ALWAYS help me stay on track more than if I hadn’t hung it up. Here’s to 2017!

  • Spend time working on myself: This is a tough one for me. Since having kids, I really feel like I’ve let myself go. And no, this is not me looking for pity or playing woe is me; it’s just an assessment of where I’m at. As a teacher, I don’t need to wear a suit or super fancy clothes every day, and most days I end up in a ponytail. Some mornings, I forget make-up, and when I’m at home with the kids I usually have at least two different stains on my clothes. I really do want to spend more time (even if it’s just 5 minutes) making sure to look presentable/good. So, I’ve actually bought myself some new duds (since all of my fall/winter clothes were maternity) and I’ve been trying to actually make sure I do something with my hair and put a little bit of makeup on. And guess what, two weeks in and it actually feels good to think about myself a little bit each day 🙂
  • Work out more and get my pre-baby body back: So, this one goes with the one above. And, not saying I was some super model before kids but I definitely have a little extra junk in the trunk these days that I’m willing to part with. I’m planning to do 21 Day Fix again soon, which has given me great results before, so I’m excited for that!
  • Work on making my kidsmore independent: I will be the first to admit, my kids are needy. And you know what? I don’t hate it. I love that my baby boy reaches for me no matter who is holding him, and I love that Anissa would much rather sleep snuggled between Mami and Papi than alone in her big girl bed. But, I also am realistic in knowing that independence is an important quality to instill in them. So, one of my goals this year is to encourange independent behaviors, like putting themselves to sleep vs. rocking, playing together in the playroom vs. my holding them all the time, etc. And no, this isn’t about being hands-off or worrying about getting my own stuff done, I promise, it’s all with them in mind 🙂
  • Keep the house clean everyday: I know this sounds small, but it’s something I definitely want to keep at the forefront of my mind on a daily basis vs. spending every weekend cleaning. At our old house, we had a housekeeper come every 2 weeks, but with the new house being double the size and mortgage, that’s something I want to focus on doing more myself (read: currently out of our budget :p) Luckily, we have a cool Roomba that keeps the bottom floor clean, and since the cats are in the basement, we don’t have fur everywhere so it’s a lot easier 😉
  • Read MORE: I’m a teacher, I should spend all my free time reading, right? I wish! There always seem to be 53 more pressing items to do before I can actually get around to sitting down with a book, and even once I do, all I can think about is something else I should be doing. But, I do love to read and want to definitely focus on trying to spend more time reading.
  • Take the kids to the park at least once every week: Hopefully, this one will be easy-ish. Thrasher Park in Norcross is a 15-minute walk, so I’m hoping to pop the kids in the double stroller and make the 1.6 mile round trip walk at least once a week to both let them enjoy the park to the fullest and get a bit of a workout as well. These kiddos just love playing outside so much, this park was part of the reason we loved the house so much!

What are your goals/resolutions?




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