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Baby Tino is 10 AND 11 Months Old! #oops

Well, I thought I was Mom of the Year back when I was posting blogs two weeks late- how about this month, when I just completely forgot to post Tino’s 10 month blog post till I came in to write the 11 month update! Big time fail!

Clearly, life with two little ones is still nutty, and we FINALLY moved about a week ago (more to come on that front) so we’ve been more than a little busy. I’m gonna give myself a free pass here and move on 😉

BUT- I am going to be crying every day for the next 28 days as I count down the days to my baby boy’s 1st Birthday!! I just can’t even. This kid, ya’ll- he is hilarious, sweet, keeps up with his big sister, and loves us all so fiercely. I just can’t get over how luck I am to be his (and Anissa’s) mama. It’s insane.

OK, so here’s a double up on the stats (since I suck):

10 months (written at 10 months, just never posted!! :P)

  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Height: 29 inches
  • Sleeping: Still snuggled up right in the crook of my arm while we are at my in-laws, but when we move in less than 2 weeks, we’ll be doing some hardcore sleep training :/
  • Eating: Loves his Mimi’s puree with rice, and lots of finger foods like cheese, puffs, cucumbers
  • Wearing: 12 month clothing
  • Diapers: 5′s
  • Doing: Cruising while he stands, clapping, waving bye, blowing kisses, says Papa, bye bye, alli esta “there it is”. Has 5 teeth :)

11 months

  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Height: 29 inches
  • Sleeping: Back in his crib now that we are in the new house (HALLELUJAH!) but still finds his way to our bed some nights 😉
  • Eating: Still everything! Loves meat and cheese sticks, too. Quesadillas are good; anything he can feed himself!
  • Wearing: 12 month / some 18 month
  • Diapers: 5′s
  • Doing: Starting to take steps by himself! He can usually manage a good 4-5 before he drops to his knees laughing and crawls to wherever he wants to go! New words: Mama, ca ca (poop), chita (milk), ven aca (come here). Oh, and he put together his first sentence- “Ven aca, mama!” Now has 7 chompers!!

Here are some cute pictures, as well! The first one is his 10 month picture, but I lost the sticker.






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