The Potty Training Diaries: Day 1

It’s 4:35 p.m. Anissa is currently on the potty. As I sit here, waiting for my child to poop, we’re singing songs. If no one ever hears from me again, I probably died of old age waiting for her to finish up.

Ok, ok, all kidding aside, it is potty training time. I thought it would be fun (for who besides me?) to keep a diary of potty training (maybe, you know, to show her future husband?)

So, we decided to start potty training for two reasons- 1: because she asks to go potty and loves to go with us and 2: because she was leaking out of every dang diaper we tried! Every time we had to clean up a mess, we’d say, “You need to start using the potty!” Finally, we realized, hey, why don’t we have her start using the potty? 😉

So, once we were a go, we ran to Dollar General to pick up some Doc McStuffins Pull-Ups® Training Pants because she love.love.loves Doc, and because Pull-Ups® Training Pants are designed specifically to help teach potty training skills – so it was a no-brainer. Pull-Ups look and fit more like underwear, so they are easy to slide on and off while still providing consistency for any learning style throughout his potty training journey.

Beyond the great training pants, Pull-Ups really wants to help your little one succeed in their big, momentous occasion! They have a whole online portal with so many tips and tools for parents and kids. My personal favorite is their Potty Training Personality Quiz, where you can find out your child’s potty training personality: the Puppy, the Owl, the Bear Cub, the Turtle or the Squirrel! It then gives you a little break down of how your kid might respond best to potty training, and ways to help them out. Anissa was a Squirrel, so they suggested games.

Pull Ups Potty Training Personality Game

Linqia + PullUps CTA image


Armed with the knowledge of how to best approach potty training with our little squirrel, we introduced her to her new Pull Ups, which she loved (as you can see by the biggest cheese face ever). She was excited to go potty, and loved being able to slide the Pull Ups up and down herself. We even got 2, I repeat TWO poops in the potty!!! TMI but exciting for us 😉


Since we knew we should be using games with Anissa, we headed straight to the Pull Ups Potty Training Games! I so love this because it has a whole plethora of fun stuff that kids will love, like sticker charts, games, scavenger hunts and more, which are bound to keep your little one interested. Since Anissa LOVES toilet paper so much- weird, I know- we like to play a game where she gets to grab the toilet paper, but only once she has actually gone. For some reason, that really motivates her!

They also provide tons of cute printables, like this awesome “Wash Your Hands” poster and a sticker chart.

Linqia + PUPS_printables_handwashingposter

Remember, you may be tempted to use diapers while potty training because they’re more familiar to you, but resist the urge. Toddlers thrive on consistency and diapers don’t teach potty training skills like Pull-Ups® Training Pants do.

Ready to begin your potty training journey? Save $2.00 today on Pull-Ups® Training Pants at Dollar General with DG Coupons! This coupon is valid until May 19th, so stock up now!

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Linqia + DG CTA image

If you are on the potty training journey, we’d love to keep up with your kiddo’s progress. Use hashtags #PottyTrainingTips, #PullUpsPersonality and #DGcoupons to stay in the conversation!

I promise to keep you updated with more Potty Training Diaries entries- hopefully this will be a quick and painless process 🙂 Once we’re all potty trained, I can’t wait to give Anissa this sweet certificate!

Linqia + PUPS_printables_Congratulatory Letter #1





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