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The Ultimate Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Congratulations- you waited till the last minute to get your mama (or wife) a gift, and now, your options are limited! But fear not, oh late one! There are still tons of great, thoughtful gift ideas that will arrive in time and are sure to delight even the hardest to please of mothers.

Keep Collective Jewelry

First up is my favorite- Keep Collective! This brand boasts beautiful bracelets and necklace that are the customized- think casual charm bracelet. I personally have 5 of these bracelets, and love them all so much! Here’s a link to see some designs, and I’ve included a few of my own bracelets below.

keep 4

keep 3

keep 2

If you place your orders by May 2, they will arrive in time for Mother’s Day! Hallelujah! This unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry is personalized just for the leading lady in your life. Give her a starter bracelet that she can add on to or build her a booming collection right out of the gates- the choice is yours with this scaleable gift.

 Spa Gift Cards

What mom doesn’t want to be forced  ecouraged to take a break out of the hectic-ness of life to pamper herself for a little while? My personal favorites include Treat Your Feet (hour long foot massage for $30!) and Spa Sydell (always a relaxing, amazing experience!)


Personalized gifts with pictures

Because, honestly, what mom doesn’t want blankets, calendars, mugs, pillows, and more plastered with her kids or grandkids sweet faces all over them? Give me ALL the picture gifts and I’ll be the happiest woman ever 😉 Plus, a lot of these items can either be done for 1-hour pick-up, or delivered super quick! And, on top of that, Walgreens has 40% off all photo items and gifts with the code FORMOM40!

walgreens 2 walgreens

Shopping Gift Cards

Lucky for you, nearly every grocery store in America has one of these handy gift card spots where you can find Mother’s Day gems like gift cards to Ann Taylor LOFT, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, GAP and more places where she can spoil herself and only herself (hint hint to those of you who spend everything on your kids- me included!) To add some extra flare, dress your gift card up in a coffee mug, or attach it to a king sized chocolate bar!


Handmade gifts

Sure, if you’re a 30-something, mama might think a coffee mug with your hand prints is a little silly (or not, hey, maybe that’s your thing!) But this one is definitely an affordable and easy gift idea for those of you with little ones. Here are a few of my favorites from Pinterest:




Marimekko goodies

Target’s new line of fashion and swimwear, Marimekko, is so so good. I walked in the other day and immediately was drawn to some of the swim cover up pieces, which I know would be perfect for a summery Mother’s Day gift! Check out their line online or in stores!


Breakfast in bed + flowers + duty-free morning

This one may be the cheapest and most last-minute friendly, but I know most moms would be more than thrilled to be awoken not by the usual toddler-in-your-face, but instead by the sweet scent of cinnamon rolls and fresh coffee, accompanied by nothing but the TV or a good book for a gloriously silent 30 minutes or so. Adorn the tray with fresh flowers for extra points.

Breakfast in bed

So, there ya have it, you procrastinator, you! Now hurry up and find the perfect gift before it’s really too late!




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