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***Anissa Marie Turns TWO!!!***

I can’t believe they day is finally here-my baby girl, my first born, my little bestie, is TWO years old.

From the moment we met her, from the moment she FLEW into the world (and luckily, was caught by the doctor) we knew what a spunky, fun, “spirited” child we’d been blessed with. This girl can light up a room, and can proceed to keep that room rolling with laughter all day. She is funny, bright, caring, sweet, helpful, and the list of adjectives goes on and on. My girl can stand her ground, has a bit of her daddy’s temper, and a lot of her mama’s goofiness. We’ve been so blessed to call this girl ours- I can hardly remember life before her (oh wait- I do seem to remember a lot of sleep). Kidding, kidding. Every tear, grey hair and questioning of my sanity have been more than worth it. This girl is the light of our lives, plain and simple.

So, for memory’s sake so I can look back on this later, here are her 2 year stats and facts:

  • Weight: 33 pounds
  • Height: 33 inches
  • Eating: Loves pasta, bread, rice, beans, quesadillas, grilled cheese, greek yogurt, bananas, cereal, milk.
  • Sleeping: Mostly through the night, though sometimes wakes up for us to come lay with her. She’s in her big girl bed now, so it’s harder for her to soothe herself back to sleep, and a lot easier to get out of bed and come stand next to the bed and touch my face 😉
  • Diapers: 6s- but starting to ask to use the potty so fingers crossed we can get her trained soon!!!
  • Wearing: 3T
  • Doing: say ABCs (almost- a few are still a jumble), count to 10 with prompting (in English and Spanish), run, likes to “play soccer”. She’s just so much fun!
  • Words: More like sentences. Her faves are “No toca pelo Anissa” (don’t touch Anissa’s hair), “eso mine” (that’s mine!) and tons of other bossy and funny things 😉 I love hearing her string together sentences in Spanglish!
  • Teeth:12, I believe
  • Favorites: Still princess everything, but also superhero everything! She also loves Barbies and dolls.

And of course, my favorite part- the pictures!!

These are from her 2nd birthday party yesterday, which was a mermaid party at her favorite indoor swimming facility. It was a blast!




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