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Team Batman or Team Superman? Show your allegiance!

Hey everyone,

So, as you know if you know anything about my husband, he is a huge super hero fan and especially a Batman fan. He’s been showing me clips and trailers of the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice since the second they hit the internet, and to say he is excited about this super hero showdown would be the understatement of the century. Bet you know where we’ll be March 25 😉

I thought it would be fun,  since super heroes are really his forte, to have Mr. R do a quick cameo. Here to tell you, in his own words, why he loves Batman so much, is Mr. R:

“Batman is the epitome of everything that I want my kids to become in life – strong, intelligent, thoughtful, successful, and loving. Batman is a mere man among gods but stands above them all, because of the traits that make him super. Batman rises above all odds because he works harder, plans better, and is more devoted to his craft than any other hero in the comic book universe. Even in his flaws Batman outshines all other heroes. Batman is an emotional mess, depressed, and distraught because of what happened to his parents, but instead of giving in to despair he dives into his dark emotions to come out a shining light in the Gotham sky, a beacon of hope showing everyone that even if life deals you a devilish hand you can become better because of it. So in summary, Batman is pretty much the most bad ass Super Hero ever created and if I instill only half of his traits into my children I will have done my job as a father and leave them and the world in a better place.  (p.s. The Son of Krypton has met his match, and will soon know what a mistake it is to cross The Bat!)”

So, after that love letter (anyone know Bruce Wayne’s mailing address?) it’s no surprise which team he’ll be rooting for, but the kiddos are still undecided, so we had a fun time taking a few Superman v Batman pictures!


Baby Superman v Toddler Superwoman… or “SuperNina” as she calls herself 😉


It’s a bird, it’s a plane… It’s SuperBaby!

In anticipation of the new action-packed flick which won’t disappoint, if the trailers are any indication, General Mills is introducing two new (DELICIOUS!) cereals, Superman™ Caramel Crunch and Batman ™ Chocolate Strawberry.


These cereals are seriously yum, and a perfect way to start the day! These new cereals have:

• No colors from artificial sources
• No artificial flavors
• No high fructose corn syrup
• Only 9 grams of sugar per serving
• A good source of Calcium and Vitamin D
• 12g of whole grain per serving
• Glossy, embossed Batman or Superman emblems

Want to try one? Download a $1 OFF any Superman or Batman Cereal coupon at! You’re welcome 😉

If you’re not too keen on trying new things, have no fear! They’re also rounding up old favorites for the fun, so look for limited edition Honey Nut Cheerios- specially marked boxes will feature a collectible, custom comic book!



So tell me, are you Team Batman or Team Superman? And which cereal do you think sounds tastier?




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    Oh man! Nothing cuter than little ones in a cape 🙂

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