37 Week BumpDate: Baby R #2!

Hi everyone!

Crazy how quickly this pregnancy has flown by! So quickly, in fact, that we are having the baby  TOMORROW! Say what?! Yep, the plan is to be induced on New Years Eve and for Little Man to join us on New Years Day. What a beautiful beginning to a new year it will be!

So, why is he coming at 37 weeks and some change? Well, the Cholestasis that I had with Anissa is back, and while there is no great risk to me, other than painfully itchy hands and feet, this condition can lead to very bad things for the baby, so they like to deliver as soon as you turn 37 weeks. I don’t mind him coming so early, as long as he joins us healthy and happy!!

I really do feel like this pregnancy has been so much faster than my first-maybe because we feel more “prepared” and like we know what’s going on, so it’s been less stressful, or maybe because our days are filled with love, laughter, tears and hugs from #1, so we don’t have as much time to count down the days or get stressed about what little things aren’t done yet. I also know this time around that I pretty much need warm clothes, a breast pump, a Boppy, a few bottles just in case, and a co-sleeper and we’re set. I definitely haven’t been stressing as much about having everything ready this go-round.

Of course, after our scary experience last time, I am more hesitant about the delivery than I was with Anissa. I was blind and naive to how wrong things could go, and unfortunately, with that experience, I am slightly jaded towards childbirth. But, I am trying to push all of that out of my mind (see what I did there ;)) and go into this delivery with a clear, excited mind and no expectations either way. Of course, we will all be more cautious and vigilant, but I am trying to stay positive and excited!

Anyway, if I’m a bit MIA the next month or so, you’ll know why! I’ll try to post some newborn pictures as soon as I can!




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    December 31, 2015 at 6:07 pm

    Celestino, Jr. will make his grand entrance soon, and he will be healthy and happy!

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