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May The Force Be With You- And the Cereal Eaters of the World

Hey everyone!

Remember the good old days, when you’d run to open a new box of cereal and find out which toy was in the box? Somewhere between my childhood and actually becoming a parent myself, that fun tradition seemed to have been lost. But good news for all you cereal lovers out there- General Mills is bringing back the fun tradition, and with an awesome collaboration with Star Wars! Each box of specially-marked cereal has one of 6 collectible droid view finders with an exclusive scene from the movie! Perfect for those kids (and adults 😉 ) who just can’t wait for Dec. 18!!

Mr. R and his family love Star Wars, and in fact, bought tickets for opening night of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, needless to say Star Wars has been a hot phrase in our home lately. So when Mr. R, one of the biggest cereal lovers I’ve ever met, heard about what General Mills was doing, he flipped! We ran out and bought Mini Trix™ and Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ (you can also find the view finders in Honey Nut Cheerios™ and Reese’s Puffs™) and got two different view finders!



One of the secret scenes you’ll see when you peer into a StarWars view finder! But that’s the only sneak peek you’ll get from us… you have the buy the cereal for a chance to collect all 6!!


Our cereal tradition is a little different- we actually don’t eat cereal for breakfast, we eat it before bed! Don’t ask why, because I honestly don’t know, but it’s something I guess Mr. R and his brothers have always done, and we just started doing it as a dessert-type tradition instead. And big surprise, Anissa loves it! But no matter when you and your families enjoy your cereal together, finding a Star Wars character-shaped viewfinder is sure to make a fun tradition even more awesome!

Head on over to snag your own Star Wars Cereal Coupon, which will save you $0.75!! Also, this hilarious Big G Cereal Tumblr has some cute memes and images that cereal lovers will surely enjoy 🙂

Happy cereal-ing!



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