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How to be a Healthy Hostess with Sprouts this Holiday Season!

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is feeling festive and in the holiday spirit, because ready or not, Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! Over the weekend, to mentally prepare myself for the holiday mindset, I was able to attend an event hosted by Sprouts Farmers Market and The Cook’s Warehouse on how to be a healthy hostess! I know, I know, “healthy” and “holidays” are not exactly synonymous, however I do love to incorporate healthier options whenever possible.

We had a great time at the event, and were able to see a registered dietician, Marisa Moore, in action as she whipped up the following recipes:

Pear Prosecco

Roasted Grapes, Goat Cheese and Walnut Crostinis

Maple Ginger Pear Crumble

Still looking for more? In addition to these delicious treats, Sprouts also has a whole bunch of other recipes online here!

After eating these treats, we got to try our own hand in the kitchen and show off our mad skills! Armed with only limited supplies, including goat cheese, hummus, mini peppers, olives, and a few herbs, we had to create our own crostinis. Just check out the pictures below to see all of the tasty creations, and all with a healthy twist!

We also learned some great tips for how to keep your holiday treats and guests healthy, including:

  • Use greek yogurt as a base for dips. Seriously, who knew? Swap out the sour cream for yogurt and you’re saving everyone calories!
  • Aim for one veggie appetizer, one protein dish, and a small dessert.
  • Desserts should be pre-portioned. As you’ll see with the pear crisp dessert, they were prepared in individual dishes. This saves you time cutting and serving, and also ensures your guests are eating a good amount, not over-indulging… unless they want to!
  • Protein can include things like hummus and goat cheese– it doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge meat dish!

Stay tuned throughout the next few weeks as I continue to work with Sprouts throughout the holidays to provide you fun giveaways and more ideas!



***Special thanks to my wonderful Mr. R for joining me and capturing these awesome pictures!


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