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Anissa Marie’s 18 Month Update

Holy moly, ya’ll! The last time I posted an update about Anissa, she was turning 1! That’s a whopping 6 months of you guys missing her- I know you did ūüėČ

Anissa is doing fantastic- she’s seriously the most awesome kid I’ve ever met (in my humble opinion, of course!) But, homegirl is going through a rough patch right now- they don’t call them the Terrible Twos for nothing- and lucky for us, they are hitting early!

  • Weight: 32¬†pounds
  • Height: 32 inches
  • Sleeping:¬†Anything, as long as she can feed herself!
  • Diapers: 6s
  • Wearing:¬†2T or 3T
  • Doing:¬†It would probably be easier to tell you what she¬†isn’t¬†doing, because I feel like listing things she “can do” is pointless by now, as she is completely a functioning little human! About the only things she can’t do are drive and vote. Just kidding, but for real, she can do a lot! She’s a kid now… excuse me while I go cry!
  • Words:¬†So many words, in both English and Spanish. She chooses whatever language she wants in the moment, which is hilarious. She loves saying “Papa, no pa ti!” (Papa, not for you) which she uses with the grumpiest face any time she is mad at Cele. Haha. She can also say pizza, pasta, sientate (sit- my favorite to hear her say), and literally so many more words, it would be pointless to make a list. I’d round it to about 20-30 words.
  • Teeth:¬†8- 4 on top and 4 on bottom, and she just cut a molar. She is literally chewing on 2 – 3 fingers at all times, so I’m pretty sure the others will be cutting soon!
  • Favorites: Princess everything! Dolls, outfits, shows, movies, stickers- you name it, she either has it or wants it!

And of course, my favorite part- the pictures!!


  • 20151017_153446-1
  • 20151011_073356-1
  • 20151010_122540
  • IMG_20151029_213444

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