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28 Week BumpDate: Baby R #2!

Hey everyone!

I can’t believe we are already in the 3rd trimester with Baby Boy!!! That means we are so close (maybe too close for this unprepared second-time mama-to-be?)! But, all freaking out aside, I am SO excited to meet this sweet boy and have a newborn in my arms- there is nothing sweeter!

So far, this pregnancy has been pretty chill. I’m WAY more tired than with Anissa, but I think that blame can be shared between chasing a toddler around and teaching (since I had a desk-job with my last pregnancy). But, knock on wood, the Cholestasis has not reared it’s ugly, itchy head yet, I’m not having unbearable heartburn every night, no major issues, so I’m all around very pleased with how it’s going.

Yesterday I had my glucose test and passed (woo hoo! Couldn’t believe it since I’m such a sugar lover, but I’ll take it!) and got my TDAP shot. So far, I’ve gained about 25 pounds (woops!) but since I had lost a bunch of weight on 21 Day Fix right before I got pregnant, I started out this pregnancy 8 pounds lighter than I did with Anissa’s pregnancy, so my weight right now is much better than it was with her. Still no stretch marks (knock on wood), rings are still on, and my feet are nowhere near as swollen as last time. This pregnancy is sounding pretty great 😉

We had our baby shower 2 weeks ago- that will be a whole different post because I have so many great photos to share! We were so blessed to be showered with so much love and support, and of course, gifts! After the shower, we used gift cards to go purchase everything we still need, so we have everything we need for him now! We still need to finish Anissa’s new big girl bedroom so that we can revamp the nursery, and THEN I will feel very ready!

Ok, on to a few pictures of my huge bump!





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