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Back-to-School Maternity Fashion

Hey everyone!

So- holy smokes! We teachers go back to school on MONDAY for a week of pre-planning, and then the kiddos join us one week from then (August 10!) I honestly can’t even believe that the summer months have flown by so quickly, and am mourning the loss of pool days and 24/7 with my munchkin!

BUT, I am beyond excited about getting back to school and meeting my 43 new kiddos!! Yep, we are trying out a new format called departmentalization, and I will be teaching English Language Arts and Social Studies, and then will have a partner teacher that teaches Math and Science- then our classes will switch! So, I’ll have 43 kids this year but am so excited to be able to focus and become an expert on my subjects this year.

Anyway, one of the most exciting parts of going back to school (as a kid or a teacher) is making sure your back-to-school wardrobe is up to par, but since I am pregnant going back to school this year, it’s 50% more fun, 50% more stressful making sure my maternity fashion is in tip top shape. I’ve been sporting shorts and t-shirts all summer long (what can I say, I’m a fan of casual!) so it will be nice to start dressing like a grown-up again!

As I prep my closet for back-to-school, here are some of my favorite maternity looks that translate perfectly for a comfortable teacher look.

Look 1:

I am loving this look for a few different reasons. I’m definitely a fan of colored maternity pants, and have pairs of maroon, teal, and aqua pants. I love the simplicity of a striped shirt with them, and a blazer thrown over makes it perfect for a parent-teacher meeting or if it gets chilly in the class!


 Look 2:

This is a nice dressier look, with a button down layered with a cardigan. Again, temps fluctuate in the classroom, based on the activity of my kiddos, so it’s crucial to always have a sweater nearby! Paired with a pair of black slacks, it’s a perfect outfit!

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 1.43.20 PM

Look 3: 

Anyone who saw me in my last pregnancy knows I’m a huge fan of belts above the bump. So this jean dress with an accent belt is a nice outfit for the end-of-summer months while it’s still hot out!



Look 4:

I love this look because it looks SO comfy! You may not believe it, but even in 5th grade, I still sit on the floor with my big kiddos from time to time, so leggings would be a great option, especially as I get huge! The nice flow dress is forgiving for the days you are feeling bloated or less-than-cute pregnant.




What are your favorite back-to-school maternity looks?





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