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Our Siesta Key Beach Vacation!

Hey everyone!

Now that we are officially back from our 2-week vacation extravaganza, I’m so excited to share pictures from our second part of the vacation, a week spent on the beautiful Siesta Key beach!

I’ll admit, I’ve never been much of a beach person, due to growing up near a not-so-nice, perm-brown beach in Texas. Having never been able to see my feet under the water or know what was swimming around me, I’ve always been a little freaked out about what’s under the surface. So, while I was excited for a week with our family and to have the cousins together, I was weary of the water. It was a running joke that they could all take Anissa out to the water, but I would not be joining. Add to that the flesh-eating bacteria and shark headlines, and count me out. BUT, when we arrived, I saw how beautiful and clear the water was, and most of all, how much Anissa loved it, and you better believe I was up to my waist in water Pretty proud of myself, if I may toot my own horn! 😉

Anyway, the beach was definitely a fun and relaxing vacation. We had two condos, and we stayed with our brother-in-law and sister-in-law, and their baby girl, Ava. It was so much fun to see the girls wake up every morning so excited to see each other!! We would either eat at the condo or go out for breakfast, come back and let the girls nap, and head down to the beach around 11 or 12. Then, we’d play, eat lunch at the beach, hang out under the tents, let the girls nap again, and stay out there until 5 or 6, before heading back up to the condo for dinner. My mother-in-law was awesome enough to cook dinner for us every single night, which was so delicious and sweet of her!!

After dinner, we’d go get dessert or just have cousin play time in the condo, before getting the kids down for a perpetually late bedtime, usually around 10. But hey, Anissa slept great so I’m not complaining! She did end up getting really sick, with bad asthma, so that stunk and we had to stay inside for two days. Otherwise, it was a perfect trip and I wouldn’t change a thing!!




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