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*Review* HoneySuckle® b’Free Pumping Bandeau™

Hey everyone!

Although my days of breastfeeding and pumping are behind me (we stopped right after Anissa Marie’s 1st birthday), I am still a huge advocate for breastfeeding, and for making that journey easier for Mom and Baby. I still plan to write a whole post about our breastfeeding journey, once I can wrap my head around the fact that we made it work  for a YEAR after a rough start and lots of obstacles!

But back to making it easier for Mom and Baby. In the past, I’ve written about several different products I used and loved during our nursing and pumping time, and today I want to share one more with you- the HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau!


The HoneySuckle b’Free is a hands-free solution to pumping. I can’t even tell you how many nights I’d wake up at 2 a.m. to pump, put some mystery murder show on tv to keep me up, and inevitably fall asleep while holding the pumps, only to have one start spilling and leaking and causing a mess. And folks, that is a true story. It happened more than once, making me mad for losing milk and Mr. R mad for having milk on the couch, yet again! But with a hands-free pumping bra like the b’Free, all of those worries disappear! Now, I’m not condoning sleeping while you pump because, hello overflowing bottles, but it sure makes doing other things a whole lot easier!!


For example, I am already dreading the day when we have a Baby #2 on our hands, and I need to pump, take care of the baby, and Anissa wants me to do something for her. Like, that gives me anxiety NOW. Before, it would have been absolutely impossible. But now, with my b’Free bandeau, I can have the pump going and still have two free hands! What a dream come true!!

The HoneySuckle b’Free is SO easy to use, too! I will admit, I had a hands-free pumping bra at one point and actually threw it away because I hated it so much. It was way too tight (not sized appropriately on the packaging), couldn’t be adjusted, and only closed by a zipper in the front, which was super hard to do since it was so tight. The HoneySuckle b’free literally addresses every one of those issues. Let me show you how:


The b’Free has an entire back panel that is velcro, so there is probably a good 10 inch range of sizes that can fit in the S/M. That eliminates the “too tight” issue and improper sizing. Done. Next, the front open. On the b’Free, the front panel is also velcro (super easy) with a clasp at the top and bottom to make sure it stays closed!

Here are the step-by-step instructions for easy use (because who doesn’t love something that works in 3 steps?!?!

  1. Wrap and hook to fit YOU!
  2. Insert the pump shields into the openings, which are tight to make sure they CAN’T come out.
  3. Attach the bottles to the pump shields and start pumping!!


Another thing I really love is that it comes with straps. For some of the bustier women (not me, I must admit) keeping a strapless bra up may be a challenge, so these straps really help you keep the bra in place!

All in all, I will say this product is a MUST-HAVE. I honestly think this is going to be on my baby shower or new mom gift list, because it’s something moms may not necessarily think to buy for themselves, but something they’d definitely LOVE having around. If you’d like to try the HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau, you can purchase them here on for only $32.00.

HoneySuckle Moms also makes an assortment of other products, including breastmilk storage bags, breastmilk warmers, and even an adapter that allows you to pump straight into storage bags to avoid spillage! Also, Like HoneySuckle Moms on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on their news, products and offerings!



Disclaimer: This post was made possible by HoneySuckle Moms. Although I received product in exchange for my review, all opinions are my own.


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