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*Review* A Simple Solution to Babywearing: The Baby K’tan!

Hey everyone,

It’s no secret that I am a babywearing fiend. While I’m not all into the “attachment parenting” movement (although this is a judgement-free zone for any type of parenting!), I am a breastfeeding, babywearing mama, so call me what you will. I can’t help but love the feel of my little girl close to me, and I know she loves being close to me and/or Mr. R and seeing the world with us, which makes babywearing a perfect alternative to carrying her in her carrier or strolling her around.

I’ve tried lots of different carriers and wraps, soft-shell and structured, and we’ve definitely got our preferences. Wraps and soft-shells are great, but the structure and straps can weigh down on my shoulders, causing pain. But wraps are made up of a LOT of fabric and can be tricky to put on. So when I hear about the Baby K’tan, I was definitely intrigued. You see, the Baby K’tan is a wrap, but it’s a pre-fitted wrap with no extra long fabric, and an easy solution to all the many carries we love!


It’s not one-size-fits-all. In fact, the Baby K’tan’s sizing is based on your height, pre-baby weight and pre-baby dress size. You can figure out your sizing here. There are so many options for sizes and colors, but they are all very versatile and match with your clothing! You can see the full line of colors and options here.

There were a few things I REALLY loved about the Baby K’tan. First of all, I love the fact that it is NOT just one big piece of fabric. I always hated when my other wraps would drag on the floor as I tried to wrap them. With the Baby K’tan, it’s two loops that you can wrap a million different ways (ok ok, maybe 10 is more like it) but  it never hangs on the ground.

I love the versatility it provides for forward-facing carries, normal carries, hip carries, newborn carries, and more. It really does have a lot more versatility than other wraps, which is perfect for Miss Anissa, since she only likes the normal carry when she wants to sleep-otherwise she wants to be forward-facing, taking in the world!

I also love the fact that it comes in it’s own awesome pouch! The fabric that wraps around and ties the wrap in place actually folds into itself to become a pouch- pretty neato! This helps me be able to pack it all up and throw it in the diaper bag.


Now, I will be totally honest and tell you about the one issue I had with the wrap. I LOVE the fact that this wrap is sized to your body, because you can be sure it will fit and you’ll get the best hold. BUT, I was kind of bummed that I wouldn’t be able to share it with Mr. R. When I used the online sizing tool, it told me I was an XS. I actually had some issues with it being too snug and not fitting well, so the kind folks at Baby K’tan gave me these pointers (in case any of you find yourselves with the same issues):

  1. Simply stretch your carrier. This will help “wear it in” and will make placing your baby in the carrier a bit easier.
  2. Before placing baby in the carrier, take a moment to adjust and spread open the fabric evenly over your shoulders (pull the loops down so that they are not high up by your neck and ensure that they are not twisted or bunched up).
  3. I would recommend trying the Hug Position. The Hug hold can be a bit easier to adjust and can also be used before baby has head control. In the Hug Position, spread the fabric between baby’s legs to create a comfortable seat.
  4. When lifting the outer loop back onto your shoulder, it is normal for it to feel snug. Try spreading open the fabric as you pull it up (fanning it out). Once you feel comfortable enough with the carrier you can actually skip this step altogether (simply place baby in the carrier without the lowering the outer loop)
  5. Keep in mind that it may take a couple tries to get used to the carrier and baby may need a few minutes to settle in, so keep practicing and playing around with it!

Once I got used to some of these tips and tricks, things were MUCH smoother sailing and both Miss Anissa and I are loving it (although these days she’s feeling very independent and wants to be crawling around!

To find out more about the Bbay K’tan or order one for yourself, visit them online at, visit them on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

Have you tried out the Baby K’tan? What do you think about it?



Disclaimer: This post was made possible by Baby K’tan. Although I received product in exchange for my review, all opinions are my own.


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