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Anissa Marie’s 9 Month Update!

Hey everyone!

9 months! My oh my, how our little one has GROWN! Every month I sit down to write these update posts and I just think about how quickly time has flown by, and how, as much as I want her to grow up and thrive, I kind of wish she would stay my little baby forever (so sue me). She’s honestly such an angel baby, though we’ve had some hard times with her being sick this winter, but I just want to eat up every moment with her.

So speaking of growing and flourishing, let’s check out some stats, shall we?

  • Weight: Almost 23 pounds! My little chunk chunk!!
  • Height: 27 inches
  • Sleeping: Sleep is hit or miss these days. We think it’s a combination of being sick, sleep regression, teething and her helmet. Poor thing, and poor us ;/
  • Eating: She’s loving table food and has pretty much given up on baby food (besides Mimi’s puree). Everything else is chunks of chicken, meat, pasta or veggies. What we eat, she eats, which I must admit makes it pretty easy!
  • Diapers: 4s… but close to 5s!
  • Doing: Trying to walk! We’re thinking 10 months might be her magic number. She can stand alone, pulls up in her crib to standing, walks along the edge of the crib, sofa, whatever, and is just a moving machine!!
  • Words: Same 4 words (bye, mama, papa, hey), plus “Pebbles” (the cat), baby, and a whole lot of other babble!

And of course, the pictures of my gal 😉






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    Anne Aviles
    January 22, 2015 at 7:51 pm

    I miss my sweet granddaughter!

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