My baby girl’s been sick…

And it’s got me feeling the blues! Seriously, who knew that one little girl could affect my whole life this much!?

So, tis the season for sickness, I guess, and not even my sweet girl could escape it. She came down with a fever last weekend, which she had for two days but without any other symptoms, so we thought it was probably her teeth and she was in the clear. Then, she broke out in some weird rash all over her body, which, combined with the fever, was determined viral. They said there was no cure for it, except to wait it out. She’d had a runny nose, too, which they said was part of the virus. We waited it out and she seemed on the up and up, but towards the end of the week she started coughing a lot and became really congested. We took her to the Urgent Care on Saturday, and again they said it was just a cold and she’d be fine. Sunday came and her breathing had become so bad we decided to take her to the ER. Honestly, for anyone who knows Mr. R, I’m surprised she made it to 7 months without a hospital trip 😉 There they diagnosed her with RSV and Bronchiolitis… my poor girl! They said it could last anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. But she seemed all better yesterday and had no fever, so we thought she had gotten over it quickly.

THEN, (and I hope this is the final chapter in this sickness book), we stayed up with her all night last night because every time we laid her down, she would FREAK OUT screaming and crying, and not soothe herself to sleep like she normally does. At first we thought she was just being a brat and wanted to be held, since we had coddled her a little extra while she was sick. But when it became 2 or 3 a.m. and she still hadn’t fallen asleep, we knew something was wrong. So we took her back to the doctor this morning, where they diagnosed her with a double freakin’ ear infection- can’t the poor kid catch a break?! I’m actually happy about this because at least she can get some antibiotic and hopefully be feeling better soon!

So, she’s on a nebulizer machine and doing breathing treatments every 4 hours, which is so so sad to watch. She’s actually gotten a lot better, but I just hate seeing her sick. My boo boo’s just not herself when she’s sick. Here’s to a speedy recovery for my babe and all the other sickies out there this holiday season!



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