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Anissa Marie’s 7 Month Update!

Hey everyone,

Oh boy- this is a big one… Anissa Marie is officially closer to 1 year old than a newborn. Sheesh! How in the whole wide world did this happen!?

  • Weight: 19 pounds 12 oz on our home scale… my chunk chunk!!
  • Height: 26.5 inches at her 6 month check-up, so probably somewhere around there
  • Sleeping: Well! She is still sleeping about 10 – 11 hours at night- which I will definitely take!
  • Eating: Anything we are eating! She loves bread, mac n’ cheese, chicken, fruits, veggies, ok who am I kidding? The only thing she doesn’t care for too much are green beans.
  • Diapers: 4s still.
  • Doing: Almost crawling! Rolling both ways. Babbling a ton- saying Mama when she cries and Papa when she is happy, of course!

In other news, our smoochie pie is getting herself a helmet! I had mentioned before that she has what is called Plagiocephaly, or flat head syndrom. The only “cures” are to keep her off her head or to put her in a cranial remolding band- or a “helmet”. So, she qualified, though her case is pretty mild thank goodness, and she will have to wear it for 23 hours per day, starting in December. Poor thing, but we figured, why not give her a perfect head while we have the chance?

In other news, she still has no teeth, yet she has been “teething” (slobbering, biting, in pain, earaches) for months. Riddle me that?! We’re hoping she cuts one soon, although I hear it stays just as bad once she actually has a tooth.

Anywho, Miss Anissa Marie is STILL the most amazing thing in the whole universe (so what if I’m biased?!) and I couldn’t be more in love with her! Here are a few of her cutest shots from this month!





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