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Hey everyone,

Hope you all are doing so well! I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the past couple of weeks, so please accept my apology! I want nothing but to be blogging a lot- ask Mr. R, I tell him all the time I should be blogging, but of course, dishes or school work or something else always gets in the way. Beyond that, I’ve been lucky enough to  be working with some *amazing* brands and have tons of reviews and giveaways to be posting, so I don’t always have time for the personal posts I want to write.

But today, I do! So today, I want to catch you up on life lately.

Like I mentioned the other day, I just graduated with my Masters and finished up my student teaching. Not knowing what I would be doing after as I awaited Certification, I went ahead and took the necessary steps to become a sub. And boy, am I glad I did! A spot opened up last week for a long-term sub position at the school I did my student teaching at, and will last at least through the end of December, in 5th grade. So, I scrambled to get my paperwork through the County last week and have been teaching 5th grade all week, starting Monday!

So far, I’m loving it! Obviously, my only other experience was in 1st grade, and believe me when I say it’s like night and day. They both have their ups and downs, of course. 1st grade is a lot of fun because they are babies and your days are filled with hugs and Pinterest-inspired lesson plans. But, you are ON for 8 hours with NO time to sit, let alone think for yourself. By 5th grade, they’re over the affection and the projects aren’t quite as “cute”, but they are a lot more independent, and the work is a lot more challenging. I can’t say I like either or better than the other- both are so unique and I have loved my class each time, so I am very fortunate! It’s nice to be a long-term sub because you get time to know the class, almost as if they were your own, and you get to plan and grade- it’s great experience for being a “real” teacher. I even got to take them on a field trip this week, which was tons of fun. The team is great and the school is honestly my dream school, so fingers crossed I can end up here for good one day!

Other than getting caught up on all this, Miss Anissa has been going through a lot of teething and seperation anxiety, so on top of being tired from work, I’m tired from not sleeping. But I’ll tell you- this smile makes it all worth it 😉


Up in the next few weeks, I have more giveaways and reviews, along with a 7 MONTH UPDATE for Anissa- can you believe it?!





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