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Anissa Marie’s 6 MONTH Update!

Hey everyone,

I cant even believe our little love nugget is HALF A YEAR OLD! Oh my, where has the time gone? Just yesterday we went to Ihop, and it immediately took me back to our pre-induction “last meal”, which seems like it just happened! Man, I love this kid! And this comes after a day at home together filled with about 95% screaming and 5% snuggles. This separation anxiety business is no joke, but hey, I love snuggles 😉

So what’s Little Miss been up to this past month? Well, she is still going to therapy for her torticolis and plagiocephaly- but I think she has gotten a lot better with both! We’ll just keep stretching her and doing her excercises! She’s also trrrrryyyyying to crawl but not quite getting it yet- it’s coming, though!

She is honestly just the light of our lives and truly, 5-6 months has been my most favorite age! She is so funny, she really knows us now, she misses us and wants us, she laughs at/with us, she plays- I mean, this kid just does it all… and she’s pretty stinkin’ cute, I must say 😉

So here are some quick facts about Anissa at 6 months old:

  • Weight: 18 pounds, 13 oz. My big girl has jumped fromed the 6% at birth to the 87% now 😉
  • Height: 25 inches! Didn’t stretch out any since last month.
  • Sleeping: Better than ever! She is sleeping get from 7:30 or 8 till about 7:30 am. It is pretty darn amazing!!
  • Eating: She is eating everything under the sun! Mimi makes aweome baby food for her during the week that she loves, and she has fun eating from the little squeeze packs. She’s still breastfeeding, and loves snacks like puffs and yogurt dots! This month, she has started eating tablefood off our plates, like rice, potatos and pasta.. which makes dinner time super easy 🙂
  • Diapers: 4s
  • Doing: Just plain ole eing amazing!! She is amazing me with how strong she is, how well she sits up, stands up holding on to something, and I just know she is thisclose to crawling!! Her laugh is probably one of my favorite things in this world, and of course, that smile.

Speaking of, here are some cute pics 🙂




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