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Anissa Marie’s 5 Month Update

Happy 5 months (and some change) to our baby girl, Anissa Marie. Sweet baby girl, you light up the world more than I thought you ever could, and you make the world a sweeter place to live. You are funny, smart, brave and fearless, qualities that I hope you never lose. Plus, you are beautiful and just growing like a weed! I still feel myself getting butterflies when I am picking you up in the aftenoons, and I know that will never change.

So what’s new with Little Miss? Well, she is eating solids like a champ, sitting up by herself, grabbing everything, rolling around and starting to use a sippy cup! She is just at such a fun age- we are definitely in love!

One not-so-good thing is her head and neck situation. Poor thing has always favored one side of her neck, and she has what is called torticollis, where her neck is tilted. She also has a flat spot on her head and her head is mishapen (plagiocephaly or flat head syndrom). Because of these two things, she has started going to physical therapy, and we just found out she will have to go once a week for 20 weeks! It’s not going to be fun or easy, but we’re hoping it will correct all of her issues so no further action is needed. Of course, I think my sweet baby is perfect, but I do want to correct it sooner rather than later!

So here are her 5 month stats:

5 Months

  • Weight: 17 pounds, 6 oz
  • Height: 25 inches! Finally, she is stretching out a bit!
  • Sleeping: This one is a bit tricky. She is still doing awesome and sleeping through the night, but she is teething and has been sick, so she must be going through some pain because the past few nights, she has been so fussy and inconsolable 🙁
  • Eating: She is eating everything under the sun! Mimi makes aweome baby food for her during the week that she loves, and she has fun eating from the little squeeze packs. She’s still breastfeeding, and loves snacks like puffs and yogurt dots!
  • Diapers: Actually just moved up to 4’s today!
  • Doing: Oh, so much fun stuff! She loves to roll from front to back, and is practicing sitting up alone and holding a sippy cup 🙂

And now the best part, pictures!







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