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*REVIEW* Messy Marvin Mats

Hey everyone!

News flash: Kids are messy. They spill stuff. But guess what? So are adults! I can’t get through a meal without spilling food on myself or on the table. It’s so bad that Mr. R makes fun of me and calls me out on it every.single.meal.

Well, never fear! Our friends at Messy Marvin have created some seriously game-changing products for kids AND parents. Messy Marvin’s products, which range from tote bags to placemats to bibs and even dog beds are completely wipeable and rinseable. SAY WHAT? That’s right- if your messy kid (cough cough) happens to spill food all over your nice, chevron placemats, don’t fret! Just wipe ’em up. I know, they sound too good to be true. But keep reading for proof (+pictures) that these bad boys really work!

First of all, can we talk about how cute these are? Our friends at Messy Marvin were nice enough to send us two Messy Mats (which retail for $14 each or $12 each for 4 or more) and a Starvin’ Marvin no-launder bib ($29) for Baby R. Knowing that she has my genes, I know we’re in for a messy ride with this little goober, which is fine, because all you do with the Starvin’ Marvin bib is rinse it off under the sink, or scrub with dish washing soap (depending on how messy your little eater is) and pat dry with a towel/paper towel. I could get used to that!

Here’s a close up of the Starvin’ Marvin bib. It’s big, so it will probably fit your kid for a few years! And it comes in 5 color combos: Pink/Green, Blue/Orange, Ivory/French Gray, Green/Ivory, ZigZag Pattern/French Gray. They are so nice!

In order to truly test these Messy Mats out, I waited till one night my mom and sister were coming over to eat. Me and a 9-year-old should be able to get messy enough to give these a true run for their money, right? Mission accepted!

What I thought was great about the mats was how the food/liquid just bubbles up on the surface- you can really tell that it’s not sinking in to the mats, thus no need to put them in the washer! We had Mexican chicken soup that night, and it was so easy to just wipe right off!

I won’t lie- getting to play with my food made for one very fun review! 🙂 But honestly, these Messy Marvin products are great and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone with a messy kid (or spouse!)  To see more of what they have to offer, visit


Disclaimer: This review was made possible by Messy Marvin. I received product in exchange for the review, however all opinions are 100% mine.


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