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Cheers to 2014!

Hey everyone!

It’s our first post of the New Year! Can you believe it!? It feels like 2013 just flew by. I mean, it went by too fast!

In 2013, we:

Phew! That sounds like a busy year when I put it like that. And I know 2014 is going to be just absolutely insane (in the best way!) We’ll welcome our first niece in just a few days, continue remodeling and adding on to our house (pictures to come soon), celebrate all of our nephews’ birthdays between January and April, welcome our sweet girl in April, celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary and birthdays again (this time with baby in tow!), have a great summer off with her, and welcome our other niece or nephew in June- and that’s only halfway through 2014! It’s going to be an amazing, challenging, beautiful, hard, worth-it year for our family, and I just can’t wait to savor every moment of 2014.

Now, about resolutions: I’m not really one for resolutions, however this year I have one short-term resolution, one long-term, and one “word of the year”. My short-term goal is to have a healthy rest of my pregnancy and eat well to provide for the baby. I’ve gained 16 pounds so far, and my goal is to gain no more than 14 more for a total of 30. Of course, I’ll happily gain whatever the baby needs, but that’s my goal. My long-term goal is to savor every single moment of the year, including every dinner Mr. R makes for me, every detail of our house that we’ve put so much effort, time and money into, every date night we have before the baby comes, every sister-date I get to enjoy with Maddie, every single family gathering and party we have, time with my nieces and nephews, and of course, every sweet moment, milestone and second of Baby Anissa Marie’s life. My goal is to not get so caught up in running errands and doing something productive every second of the day, but instead to make sure nothing passes by without me enjoying it to the fullest, and to never have any regrets that I wasn’t completely in-the-moment. I figured, if I start with that goal now, I won’t have to look back, realizing I’ve missed moments, and make this resolution later.

My word of the year for 2014 is MOM- pretty self -explanatory, but it goes along with my long-term goal. I am so excited, so thrilled to get the chance to become a Mom, that I am going to wear this word like a badge of honor. I am already lucky enough to be an amazing man’s wife, and now I get the chance to be a sweet girl’s mom?! Insane to me. I feel so incredibly blessed and can’t wait to grow into this word as the year progresses.

Well, that’s a jumbled-up way of ringing in the New Year, but isn’t everything jumbled thanks to pregnancy brain?! 🙂

Can’t wait to venture in to 2014, and bring all of you along for the ride!


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