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Friday Love List: December 27, 2013

Hey everyone!

It’s Friday! Woo hoo! This week’s love list is completely family-focused, so sorry if you don’t know my family or were looking for some cool new items to read about… come back next week!

Instead, this week, I just have two exciting things I wanted to talk about, because I LOVE them!

First, my brother came to town! My brother lives in Austin, so I hadn’t been able to see him since our cousin’s wedding in September. It was so nice to get to hang out with him, even if it was only for 3 days. We all spent the day together at my parents’ house on Christmas Eve, and had a big sleepover so we could wake up early and open presents (and boy, did we!) Since my sister, Maddie, is still a wee one, the magic of Christmas is still shining bright, and I loved getting to see her face while we opened presents. Don’t worry, a full recap of pictures will be coming soon 🙂 Here’s one we snapped with my parents, brother, sister and Mr. R yesterday before my brother left.

Mr. R, my dad, Maddie, me, my mom and Matt!


Second, I’m going to be an AUNT (again!) I’m so excited that my brother-in-law, Samy (Mr. R’s youngest brother) and my sister-in-law, Jess are expecting their first baby in June 2014! That means the Rodriguez clan will be doubling in 2014: One baby (girl) coming in January, our baby (girl) coming in April, and the new baby (unknown) coming in June! Mr.  R’s oldest brother has one son and his twin has two sons already, so we’ll go from 3 cousins to 6 in less than 6 months- what a blessing! It’s even more fun because Jess and I are such great friends, and it’s been so much fun to go through our first pregnancies together. We’ve been through dating, engagements, weddings and now babies together, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Check out their announcement picture below:

Their original announcement: “Merry Christmas! We have so much to celebrate this year and are happy to share we are expecting a baby! The boys are very excited to be big brothers”

So much excitement and love all around! It truly is the holiday season!



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