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Guest Post: Mr. R’s side of our 1 year anniversary

This is a guest post from my one and only, as a celebration of our 1 year anniversary on Sunday, March 10, 2013. His words, not mine!

A year ago today I awoke to a dream come true – a beautiful woman by my side, a ring on my finger, and surprisingly not much of a hangover. The night before had been one I will remember always: not because of the ceremony, the dancing, or the food and booze, but because of the morning after. I awoke and was reminded that the night before had all been true. It was not something I made up up, nor someone else’s tale to share at some future get together – instead it was my story to tell, my night to remember, my dream that come true. A year ago today I awoke to realize that my forever was just beginning and my life would never be the same.

I am going to share with everyone in the under 1,000 words how my forever came to be.

It started almost three years ago, in May 2010, while at work. I happened to pass by a snooty-looking girl working alone in a conference room. Her hair was short and stylishly put together, allowing a perfect view of her neckline and collarbones which lead down to the first three unbuttoned buttons of her collard business shirt. I remember thinking, three buttons left dangling in the air? It was much too cold in the office for that, two would have been enough, but three? It must have been intentional, in order to catch any wondering eyes’ attention – and it worked, obviously. This snobby looking girl lifted her face away from her computer, and there it was ladies and gentleman, my demise. She had upon her nose a classy pair of glasses, which she pushed up using her middle finger while releasing a deep breath filled with annoyance, aggravation, and a hint of ‘I am way too good for this job, I can’t believe I am working in this office amongst these people.’

I quickly walked away so I wouldn’t be caught staring. As I arrived at my desk I was asked by a co-worker, “You seen that new girl?”

To which I replied, “Yeah, she looks like a biah.”

“I know right, I mean she is pretty fine but that stuck up look…”

“Yeah man, you’re right she must be a total…” I responded. “And those glasses? I mean who does she think she is wearing glasses?

“Only girls that think their poop don’t stink wear glasses that young,” said my co-worker.

“I know right. But you know what? I bet it doesn’t stink.”

“What!?” he asked.

And I replied, “Yeah man, I bet it smells like a mix of roses and honey, I am gonna marry that girl!”

He laughed and I laughed, but only one of us thought it was a joke.

I then found out she had a boyfriend and decided to do what any guy that saw the girl of his dreams within arms reach would do – I went six months without ever saying a word to her. She would come in to work in the mornings and I would watch her walk from her car to her desk. She would go to lunch and I would watch her go from her desk to her car. She would come to meetings and I would watch her come in, sit down, and then leave. I watched, I watched, I watched… Some would say I was acting cowardly or a bit stalkerish, but the macho man inside me says I was just watching my prey waiting for the right time to pounce, like a lion in the Sahara waiting to take it’s prize, or something like that.

Time passed and little did I know the hunter would soon become the prey. No sooner than I discovered her relationship went sour she had started her attack. First with she sent ma a Facebook message, then she invited me to dinner, then lunch, then coffee breaks, then before I knew it I was caught in her web: a web woven with beautiful smiles, lovely kisses, and vegetarianism…sometimes.


Our first picture together on one of our first dates- a John Mayer concert

Everything happened so quickly, yet felt like it had been taking place since forever, which lead us being engaged in just three months of dating. So first came a ring, then a date, then a venue, and then a marriage celebration – all taking place in less than two years and I couldn’t have been happier.

Another very-early-on-in-the-relationship photo

Amanda’s first Rodriguez-family event

The night we got engaged at Chateau Elan

 On the morning after our one year anniversary, I awoke to realize that I still felt the same thing I did since the moment we began talking. Six months of waiting to speak to you and since the moment you wasted your first breath on me I heard and felt only one thing – my forever. On this day I am contemplating something that I have often been asked, “how did you know that Amanda was the one for you?” I always give a similar generic response, which is a version of “when you know you know,” but that is because how can I explain to someone that I knew since the moment I laid eyes on her.

 Since the moment I noticed one too many buttons exposing her neck, her snooty face looked up and I saw her eyes through those glasses, I knew what my future would be. How do I explain something that doesn’t make sense even to me? How do I say that this was the only thing I was ever sure about in my entire life and because of some stroke of luck you were pushed in my direction? I don’t know how to explain how I ‘knew’, I am just glad I did, and glad that I was right about only one thing on the day that I first saw Amanda, and that is that I was going to marry her – cause if the other thing about her being a biah would have been true, well, we might not be here today celebrating this wonderful marriage.

 – Mr. R




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