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The most amazing sparklers

Hey everyone!

So,  I would never EVER change my engagement ring or wedding set for anything, and now that I have my 1-year anniversary band, my set is happily complete. But, it’s not hard to look around and find tons of (almost) equally amazing sparklers, so I figured I’d share my faves with all of you, in hopes that some one else can one day be the proud recipient of one of these beauties!

Update: Below is my beautiful ring, per Mr. R’s request/ fear that I hated my rings which led to them being excluded 😛 The first was my engagement ring, and then the second is my wedding ring, engagement ring and anniversary band (so what if it’s a little early!) I love the uniqueness of mine, and the way that it is not a typical three-stone ring. The contrast between the cushion cut center diamond and the round side diamonds makes me happy 🙂

So I must admit, this is the ring that started it all. I saw this set on Pinterest and thought, “Wow, I am in love with my rings, but if I had to do it all over again, this would be a close second!” And with that, I was immediately inspired to write about the most beautiful rings, including this one! Unfortunately I don’t know much about it because it was pulled from Pinterest, but I do know it is BIG!

This Moissanite Co. ring is simple elegance. Not too flashy for those that are into simple solitaire cuts, but still has a little shine from the setting on the band!

I am so loving this antique ring with leaf details on the side that I found on Pinterest. Unfrotunately, I couldn’t find much info on it, other than it is gorgeous!


I also found this 14.23 carat pink dia­mond with gold setting on Pinterest. Talk about UNIQUE! When I see this ring, I think of celebrities who are daring and fashionable to rock a rock like this. I think I am *secretly* too traditional to be so bold, but I love this ring nonetheless.


Here’s another less-extreme-but-still-unique ring. This 2 carat aquamarine is huge and beautiful and is only $1,950 online.


Then, of course, we get to the expensive stuff. Ever since we started dating, Mr. R has constantly surprised me with gifts from Tiffany and Co., and while I love them, I do cringe a little every time I see a little blue box. Which is why we never looked at Tiffany for any engagement rings. But if you’ve got the dough, go for it! Check out the next three beauties from the home of the little blue bag:

The Tiffany Setting 18k Solid Gold (from $9,450)


Pear Shape Tiffany (from $10,700)


You are almost at celebrity status (and price tag) with this uber-unique Jean Schlumberger Rope Ring from Tiffany and Co. at a whopping @27,700.


Enjoy ring shopping and drooling, lovelies!





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    Diana Jimenez
    February 8, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    I love the 2 carat aquamarine!



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