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Sift! Desserts: Holiday Taste Testers Edition

So, I signed up to be a Sift! desserts taste tester… so typical. Who wouldn’t want to be a taste tester for one of their favorite dessert companies and get boxes of cakes and desserts delivered? Honestly, who?

We received the package a few days ago- oh boy.

Here’s the Holiday Edition menu, and here’s how we dined in style:

Synclaire: Sweet potato cake, marshmallow filling, cinnamon brown sugar buttercream

  • THIS WAS MY FAVORITE! There- I said it. So much so, that we plan to order one for Christmas! Seriously though, it was light, fluffy, not too sweet but definitely a dessert… this cake can do no wrong!

Vanilla Bourbon Eggnog: Eggnog cake layers with spiced eggnog buttercream

  • This one was delicious as well (are you catching on yet? There’s going to be a lot where this came from). Again, not too sweet but the spice taste definitely lingers after each bite.

Cranberry Cardamom Cheesecake: Vanilla cheesecake with a hint of cardamom topped with cranberry compote

  • Now, I’m not a cheesecake gal, so I left my trusted Mr. R to test this one out. His exact words were, “The crust is perfect! The cranberry has a great tart flavor and the cheesecake was not too rich and super creamy… but that crust!!!!” I tried the crust, so I can second that!

Portia: This flaky crust holds carmelized bananas, chocolate, coconut cream, and is topped with lightly sweetened whipped cream

  • Mmmmmmmm….. Mr. R is a banana lover for sure, so this one was an instant hit! It was such a good mix of banana, chocolate and whipped cream. It was more dense than I expected, but that was definitely needed for that chocolatey taste.

Tipper: Well-balanced pumpkin pie layer with a sweet pecan topping

  • This was the first one we tasted, and my-oh-my. It was like the most perfect pumpkin pie and the most perfect pecan pie got married and had a baby. Such a perfect balance of the two delicious pies! Yes- it is exactly like you are imagining as your mouth waters.

Appalonia: A mountainous tart FULL of apples, love and baby giggles. It’s topped with a butter crumble and lattice crust

  • Wow wow wow wow! Just beautiful apples layered and layered with a great crust and lattice on top. It’s not as sweet as an apple pie, which is nice since it is so light, tart and tasty.

BONUS! Boozy Banana: Bourbon banana bread with chunks of dark chocolate

  • Tristen, the owner of Sift! Is a total sweetheart and knows just how to get to our hearts- with a BONUS, and make it bananas at that! This is no ordinary banana bread, I must warn you! It’s banana bread-overload-of-deliciousness with chunks of chocolate. It could pass for breakfast food- if you are into indulging in the mornings, but who isn’t?

Sift! Is the perfect, Atlanta-based bakery for any and all sweet needs. We love Sift! from getting to try out their desserts at several wedding events we attended during our engagement and when this opportunity came about, you bet I jumped all over it!

Oh, I forgot to tease you with what we saw upon opening the package. Brace yourselves.


You can find Sift! On Facebook, Twitter, or online at



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    Teresa Garza
    November 19, 2012 at 5:31 am

    Que delicia todos estos postres… Y me parecen excelentes como regalo de Navidad.

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