Flashback: Our Engagement Story

I realized that even though this blog is about my life as a wife and our life together, I’ve never written about our engagement story! There’s a pretty cute video below that accompanies it too, so I had to share!

So here’s the scoop: Back in January of 2011, one day on a Friday, Mr. R decided to surprise me with a “French weekend” since we had tickets to see Beauty and the Beast on that Sunday at the Fox Theater. So, on Friday, we bought the movie Beauty and the Beast and made croissant sandwiches for dinner. We enjoyed the night in.

Saturday we woke up and had French toast… mmm mmm mmm. He then told me to pack a small bag, because he had planned a trip to a tiny bed and breakfast. He said it was owned by a little French lady, and to make sure and dress warmly since her house was tiny. I was totally thrown off my the surpirse trip but excited.

As we drove and drove, he tried to keep me distracted so I wouldn’t see where we were going… until we pulled up and I saw the sign for Chateau Elan. I’d always wanted to go to this local vinyard and winery, but we’d never had the chance. It was so beautiful, and since it had just snowed, it was an awesome winter trip.

This is where he popped the question, and where the video comes into play! Long story short, he edited the end of When Harry Met Sally (props to him for knowing what a classic it was!) into pictures of us, playing along with “Our Song”. The last picture was a picture of the ring, which said “Marry Me”. It was beautiful, it was creative, it was just us (and the phone camera that was strategically set up!)

After the proposal, we went out to an amazing dinner at the winery. It was delicious, we enjoyed wine and finished out the night by calling all of our family and friends.

We wrapped up the weekend with Beauty and the Beast Sunday, the thing that started it all. We finished out the french-ness with french fries a la Steak and Shake. Then, we spent Monday evening celebrating with his family!


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