Colorado Dark Knight Tragedy

Hi everyone,

What a sad day. I had promised a recap after out Dark Knight Rises marathon yesterday, but instead of raving about how great the movie was or how much fun we had being in the theater for 9 hours, I am instead focusing on very sad, tragic news coming out of the premier.

As everyone knows by now, last night in Aurora, CO, a theater full of anxious, excited movie-goers just like myself and Mr. R, were terrorized, hurt, shot and killed. 12 dead and at least 59 injured. So shocking, so sad, so confusing. Why anyone would want to do this is beyond me, and I just wanted to take a second to express my sorrow, sadness and sympathies to everyone involved, affected or even just scared to go to the movies now. I know I am.

I will feel the slight twinge of nerves every time I go to a movie from now on. I will think about those people that lost their lives that night. I’ll remember that I, too, was in a theater at that same time, enjoying the movie they should have been. I won’t forget this senseless act, nor will I ever understand.

Let’s all be thankful for what we have and keep our thoughts with those who weren’t so lucky. It may sound cliche, but take a second to hug those you love. You never know when something so tragic could happen. I’m sure these innocent people never did.

To read more about the tragedy, here are a few links to stories below:

The Washington Post: 12 killed, 59 wounded in Colo. theater shooting during new Batman; grad student arrested

Good Morning America: Colorado Movie Theater Shooting: 71 Victims The Largest Mass Shooting


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