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Get Tall Quick!

Hey yall!

So, we’ve all heard about Get Rich Quick schemes. But how about Get Tall Quick schemes? I’m talking to you- all my shorties!

Well, I decided to put together a little (pun intended) cheat sheet for the vertically challenged among us. And you know what? Embrace it! How cute are tiny and petite girls? We aren’t the tall models of the world, but we can sure wear whatever heels we want! All women of all shapes and sizes are GORGEOUS, but unfortunately I only have experience on the short end of things, so here’s my two-cents.

1: Rock the high heels!  These shoes from Zara are perfect to elongate your legs, since the nude color will draw the eye from the bottom of the shoe up to your legs and almost connect them!

2. Platforms: On the topic of tall shoes, hidden platforms like the ones below from Pretty Small Shoes mask how much height they are adding but definitely do the trick. Try to avoid clunky platoforms that show off how much height you are adding and do it in a more subtle way.

3. There are two things I want to talk about with this Rachel Bilson look. She’s 5’2, so we’re the same height and weight (ha ha… did I fool you with that one?) So we are the same height, meaning that I should probably look to her for Get Tall Quick schemes!

Tip 3 is to elongate portions of your body. Think of it as color blocking for your clothes. Rachel rocks a long sleeve jacket with short shorts. That contrast creates the illusion that her arms and legs are longer than they actually are.

Tip 4  may not be a favorite of everyone, but if you got it, flaunt it! Rachel has great legs and doesn’t mind showing them off in short shorts, which plays into making them look longer than they are, and therefore makes her look taller.

5. Skinny jeans and heels. For the longest time, I avoided skinny jeans, thinking I was too curvy or not tall enough for them. Then I discovered that with heels, they really make your legs look long, no matter what shape or size you are!

6. Minimal, understated, thin jewelry will really help accentuate your outfits and your features without overpowering a short person and making you look rediculous. I think tall people can pull off chunky, huge statement pieces, and don’t get me wrong, so can the shorties! But thin jewelry like what you see below definitely adds an air of simplicity.

P.S. If you love the jewelry you see below, you can find it all on Etsy!


So, I want to hear from you! Do you have any Get Tall Quick ideas? I’m always looking for more!

Talk soon,



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