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{Guest Post} Media Specialist: Your School’s Hidden Treasure

22 Feb

Guest Post: Your School’s Hidden Treasure by Juliann Terrell, Media Specialist and Blogger at CookingWithMom Most schools have them. Those people who live in the Media Center who just look like they’re hanging out most of the time.  Well they don’t just hang out, but do you really know what they do? Although many people […]

Google Gets Our Life In Order: Part 1

21 Feb


Hey y’all,Life gets busy busy busy! At times it becomes overwhelming and I’m sure everyone can relate! We all have our little tricks to make everything run smoother, but when more and more stuff gets added to our plate sometimes these tricks get, well, trickier to manage.  Sometimes life comes at you from all sides […]

How To Make Money Using Credit Cards… Seriously

16 Feb

Hey ya’ll! Mr. R and I are all about saving money, and making money, wherever we can. One major way we make “extra “money is by using our credit cards for everything. Seriously, we ALMOST NEVER use our debit card or cash to pay for anything. Now, the title may seem a little misleading, but […]

Keep that Winter Skin Healthy! {Infographic}

6 Nov


Hey everyone, Although it’s barely fall, the weather here in Georgia has me checking the calendar some days! One day, I’m wearing a peacoat, boots and a scarf and bundling my baby up so tight you can barely see her little nose, and the next day it’s back to short sleeve shirts and capris. But […]

*Guest Post* When Is My Child Ready for Swim Lessons?

15 Oct


Today’s post is a guest post from Kaitlin Gardner of An Apple Per Day, who is chatting with us about swim lessons for littles. I thought this topic was extremely relevant for me, as I know I want to get Little Miss Anissa into a pool sooner rather than later. I think the fundamentals of swimming that […]


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