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{Recipe} Stuffed Squash Boats

11 Feb

Hey y’all! Here’s a great recipe that we have made twice in the past few weeks! It’s healthy and easy and just plain delicious…. it’s Squash Boats! Yep, instead of using carbs, we’ve loaded up squash with a ground turkey mix (however, carbs are totally acceptable and we did pair it with spaghetti yesterday, which […]

{Recipe} S’mores Brownies

7 Feb

Hey y’all! So, in honor of Super Bowl (too soon for our achin’ Atlanta hearts, I know) I wanted to try something new for a dessert. I had a box of my go-to Ghiradelli Triple Fudge Brownies, but that wasn’t going to do… I wanted to do something out of the ordinary. So, I decided […]

Reach your health goals with the new Garden Salad Bar from Ruby Tuesday!

6 Feb

Ruby Tuesday

Hey ya’ll! You may have noticed a trend recently of my goal to try and be a better me. I’ve worked with a workout clothing company, have been trying to make healthier eating choices with great new recipes, and have been spending more time on making sure I look and feel my best. And now, […]

{Recipe} Apple Cinnamon Banana Nut muffins

30 Jan


Hey y’all! This weekend I did something that I love to do but don’t do nearly enough… I got in the kitchen and I baked! I absolutely love baking and (Cele thinks, at least) that I usually do a decent job of whatever’s in the oven, but the time it takes to prep and bake […]

{Recipe} Sweet and Spicy Steak Fried Rice

28 Jan

Untitled Design (3)

Hey y’all! Happy Saturday! I’m so excited to share a delicious recipe from Mr. R’s kitchen- it’s been too long, amiright?! Last night, he whipped up an amazing twist on fried rice, partly out of necessity (we were missing a few traditional items like soy sauce) and partly out of his own creative mind! We […]

On the run with Gerber’s Lil Beanies

28 Sep

Wake up. Get ready. Drive the kids to Mimi’s. Go to work. Teach/Pump/Teach/Pump/Plan. Meetings. Drive home. Feed the kids. Go see the new new house. Errands. Stuff to do. People to see. Always on the go and in the car and not a lot of down time. Welcome to our every day life, and I’m […]

{Review} Cave Tools’ Rib Rack Roaster

25 Jul

Hey everyone! With the summer heat and the bright sunshine, we’ve been wanting to do a whole lot of backyard-ing lately- which includes a cold drink, Anissa running around in her pool and water table, and of course, the grill. But the one thing we’d been craving seemed to be the trickiest in our minds- […]

The Perfect(ly Easy) Fruit Tart

25 Jun

Hey everyone! Today, I’m sharing a recipe that I’ve made twice in the last week, because it is so.dang.good! I’m loving this easy-to-make, quick, no bake fruit tart recipe, and wanted to spread the love! Now, I did make my own graham cracker crust but you could definitely make this just with a pre-made crust! […]

Grubbin’ on Gerber Lil’ Beanies

22 Jun


Hi everyone, Now that Baby Tino is eating and snacking, he has eyes on EVERYTHING… not joking- he stalks your food all the way from plate to fork to mouth. And one of those things he stalks is me…meaning, if I try to put him down to cook, do dishes, etc., he is not happy. […]

Recipe: Stuffed Pork Chops using Cave Tools Meat Tenderizer

2 Mar

Hi everyone! Lately, (and for me since the baby was born) we’ve been really trying to focus on eating well- and eating well at home instead of going out to eat. So Mr. R and I are constantly thinking of new, delicious things to cook, and new ways to cook old favorites, as well! Last […]


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