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Letters to My Little Ones: #6 Your Laughter Keeps Me Going

23 Mar

Dear Babies, Do you know how funny you are? I mean, the genuine look of sparkling, unabashed joy in your eyes when you both laugh is infectious, healing, and uplifting. I don’t know what’s been in the water lately, or if you guys are just at such a fun age, but you two seem to keep […]

Shop Small Spotlight: Fayfaire Baby Clothing

11 Mar

Hey ya’ll! When I found out I was having a boy for Baby #2, I wondered if finding cute baby boy clothes was going to be as easy as find cute girly clothes was. I was super jazzed to find out that yes, there are tons of cute boy stuff out there, and dressing my little […]

Organize Your Kids’ Fridge Art With the Keepy App

26 Feb

The Keepy App

Hey y’all! You know that feeling, when you look around at your nice new house, and you love the look you’ve given the place, and you continue until BAM! All your kids’ artwork is cluttering the fridge, giving your new home that nice “family” feel (aka kids own this place). No, just me? Well, if […]

Friday Love List- Feb. 10, 2017

10 Feb

Hey y’all! It’s time for another Friday Love List, and I am so excited to share a couple of new items that I am absolutely obsessed with from the past few weeks! First up- I got my Valentine’s Day present a few days early, because Mr. R was just too excited for me to have […]

Letters To My Little Ones: #5 Can Time Slow Down?

5 Feb


Dear little ones, You are already 2.5 (okay, almost 3- sob) and 1… how, how, how? I know, time passes, we age, but it feels like just yesterday you were both my tiny, 6 pound babies that needed me half the time, and slept the days away the other half. Now, you are running, screaming, […]

Room Reveal: Tino’s Nursery!

21 Jan

Hey ya’ll, I’m so excited to finally be sharing the house room-by-room. Ya’ll- putting together a new house is no joke- this has been a serious labor of love! Of course, we can only get bits and pieces done at a time (shout out to naptime for letting me finally get this room decorated!) so it’s […]

Letters To My Little Ones: #3 Time With My Tino

18 Jan

Dear Tino, Lucky for you, little one, this week, your sister is gone to Cuba with Papi, so for the first time in your life, it’s all about you. How sad is that? For the first time in your life, you get all the attention. I guess that comes with the territory of being the […]

Baby Tino is 10 AND 11 Months Old! #oops

5 Dec


Well, I thought I was Mom of the Year back when I was posting blogs two weeks late- how about this month, when I just completely forgot to post Tino’s 10 month blog post till I came in to write the 11 month update! Big time fail! Clearly, life with two little ones is still […]

Baby Tino is 9 Months Old!

9 Oct


Hey y’all! My little man is 9 months old- how crazy is that?! I honestly feel like he was just born, and here we are, starting to plan his first birthday! This past month has been a busy one for us! We sold our house and moved in with my in-laws, since we still have 3-4 […]

On the run with Gerber’s Lil Beanies

28 Sep

Wake up. Get ready. Drive the kids to Mimi’s. Go to work. Teach/Pump/Teach/Pump/Plan. Meetings. Drive home. Feed the kids. Go see the new new house. Errands. Stuff to do. People to see. Always on the go and in the car and not a lot of down time. Welcome to our every day life, and I’m […]


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