Letters To My Little Ones: #8 I Love This Age

2 May

Hi babies,

I just want to let you guys know, I absolutely love this age. You are 1, Tino, and Anissa, you just turned 3. And just so you know when you look back on this post, y’all are so fun and FUNNY at this age!

Letters To My Little Ones: #8 I Love This Age

Anissa, you are just talking a million miles a minute, having full conversations with us, wiggling your way our of sticky situations, and making us laugh non-stop. You love for us to tell you stories about things that have happened to you, like “Tell me a story about when I rode a roller coaster,” or “Tell me a story about the time I got a splinter.” It’s really adorable and you like to jump in and tell the story, too.

Letters To My Little Ones from The Accidental Mrs.

Tino, you are so stinking cute and you are really coming into you own lately. You tell Anissa to “Go, Go!” when you want her to move or play with you. You do this really cute underbite cheese face that is killing me, and you love giving people hugs and kisses!! On the flipside, you grunt at anyone that tries to hug you or talk to you if you are not in the mood. Haha!

Letters to My Little Ones from The Accidental Mrs.

If I ever look back and wonder, this age is awesome, and you guys are the best. I am so in love with you little people. So much it hurts sometimes! Parenthood is hard, and at times I think it’s tough having two toddlers, but I really really do love this age!



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